High-End Refab (Gold)

If it wasn’t for an overly productive October, I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything posted this month. November is notoriously gloomy/cloudy where I am. Between that and the time-change hitting me harder than normal this year – I’ve just wanted to color and listen to podcasts.

But my energy is finally returning. When Get Famous came out I knew it’s stuff was perfect for my gold (yellow) build. So my High-End Refab is more “inspired by” than a direct upgrade to the original apartment.

10-10-18_12-33-21 AM.png

This is a home for your budding celebrity, despite four stories, it’s still only one bedroom. I noticed a lot of the houses around this lot were kind of split level. The two houses to the immediate left both have street-level entrances but then you can see stairs down as the hill gives way.

11-29-18_1-34-57 PM

That’s not something we can do just yet with our terrain tools. But I wanted to mimic the style so I popped the entrance up on a hill. This allows for a kind of basement level below.

Hopefully, we’ll get more controls to dig into hillsides or have basements open to the ground level. Here we have the “first” floor on the ground level and then a second storey entrance. (Trees are covering the one-tile gap between the hill and the first floor.) It was the only way I seemed to be able to make it work.

11-29-18_1-37-00 PM.png

Downstairs is actually an exclusive bar. (If only lots could have multiple functions – but we always want more don’t we). And you actually head down to the basement if you want to have drinks or fun.

11-29-18_1-39-47 PM.png

I kind of wanted a non-exclusive area up top, but it was too tiny to really do more than have a few chairs so I left the gated entrance at the building’s front. No riff-raff here.

11-29-18_1-40-02 PM.png

There’s not a lot of room downstairs either, but then again this is supposed to be exclusive – so we wanted to keep out the riff-raff. It’s all glamour and luxury with a small stage to wow those you allow to visit.

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Upstairs is the house proper with an entrance up from the street. I can’t promise the gargoyle works here…but I really wanted to keep him in the build. It’s not a gothic home, but it felt like something an eccentric celebrity might add.

11-29-18_1-42-53 PM.png

Although you walk into the kitchen, I’m assuming the homeowner rarely does their own cooking. This isn’t a chef’s kitchen. But we don’t have a lot of luxury yellow counters – shockingly compared with all the other yellow stuff we have. I’m guessing they usually eat out

11-29-18_1-43-12 PM.png

The kitchen abuts the bathroom and looks into the living room. It might be a little weird to have the bathroom floating in the middle of the room, but I didn’t want to sacrifice windows.

11-29-18_1-43-50 PM.png

The living room looks over the bay and feels formal to the point of pain – but then this really isn’t my style. I put long drapes on the windows overlooking the deck so no paparazzi can snoop.

11-29-18_1-44-23 PM.png

I really wanted to find a use for those ridiculous gold swan tubs, but again, size won out and we weren’t able to add it. I’m shocked I’ve actually built a two-family home on this same lot – it feels so much smaller now. (I forgot to add a light in the bathroom when I shared it oops, please add one.)

11-29-18_1-45-20 PM.png

I’m really pleased with the bedroom upstairs. It’s so…ridiculous. I opted for the old-fashioned “dance floor” glass roof since I wanted to keep the flat roofs of the neighboring houses. And since this is kind of an old warehouse. At least from the outside.

11-29-18_1-48-42 PM.png

Just out the bedroom, on the upper balcony, is a hot tub and globe bar for late night soaks.

11-29-18_1-48-33 PM.png

The build is on the gallery as per usual (ra3rei) called High-End Refurb. If you find a sim who would fit in here, let me know!


  • Packs Used: (I thought I did better resistricting packs, darn) Get Famous, Seasons, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Laundry Day, Fitness, Vintage Glamour, Perfect Patio, Luxury Party, Grim’s Guitar
  • Lot Traits: None (Recommend Celebrity Home & Party Place)
  • Lot Details: 20×20; 1br 2bath – (Brindleton Bay – Ragdoll Refurb)
  • Cost: §185,001



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