Duplex Reno

I mentioned in another post (High-End Refurbish) that I’d built a two-family home on the same 20×20 lot as the single bedroom house. Currently, there are 7 sims living there! (My gen 10 Pigglewiggles.)

I tired a bit to keep the original factory look to the exterior. So it’s pretty plain. And has only a small garden out back. (I wasn’t able to keep as much as the “interior/exterior” courtyard the original had.)

11-29-18_5-18-42 PM

The other main change was adding an exterior entrance to Minsk’s photography studio. Originally I’d added an “open” sign in the window, but it kept shorting out in the rain.

11-29-18_5-34-17 PM.png

Eleanor, her husband Alton, and their new baby Sage all live upstairs.

11-09-18_8-35-43 PM.png

At the top is a little patio for those few days that haven’t been raining since we’ve started playing. (No, I’m not missing the roof, that was part of the original build it’s an “interior/exterior courtyard).

11-29-18_5-19-54 PM.png

It’s a pretty small place, just the main room when you walk in. Living and kitchen. If you want a proper dining room, you’ll have to risk the patio or go downstairs. (How much would we pay to be able to color roofs and ceilings? Really it should all be brick.)

And then there are two bedrooms and a bath down the hallway.

11-29-18_5-22-31 PM.png

When Sage was an infant, I had a lot of fun making a small changing table for her (also known as a scaled down toddler mattress). But she’s a big toddler now and her aunt Arianna finished the wall mural.

11-09-18_9-17-25 PM.png

11-29-18_5-22-51 PM.png

The master bedroom overlooks the bay and I wanted lots of light in here. The bed is kind of tucked in the corner, but only because the skylight shines directly on it in the afternoon and it’s just wonderful.

11-29-18_5-23-04 PM.png

11-29-18_6-01-56 PM.png

Eleanor’s sister Arianna, her husband Minks and two kids Betta and Guppy (<–gen 10 heir) live downstairs. Although I didn’t lock any doors so they all visit a lot.

11-29-18_5-35-54 PM.png

The main room is separated into the living and kitchen/dining with a brick wall. It seemed right that there would be some load-bearing beams that they would have to work around in the refurbish.

11-29-18_5-36-20 PM.png

Arianna is a fisherman so there are a few tanks around. The fish don’t seem to have survived the trip through the gallery – the living room had a bonefish and a guppy. I was hoping they would survive.

11-29-18_5-35-26 PM.png

11-29-18_5-38-10 PM.png

The main bedroom is at the far end of the living room. It’s not an en-suite (that’s a change I would make – the main floor really needs a bathroom!), but it has a fireplace for Father Winter to appear.

11-29-18_5-38-35 PM.png

Next to the bedroom, through a small office area, is Guppy’s bedroom.

11-29-18_5-39-43 PM.png

He had a pretty fun infant room as well originally. But he’s now a toddler (First official Pigglewiggle toddler! Unless you count Dan in Ghost of a Chance).

11-09-18_8-39-38 PM.png

11-29-18_5-40-01 PM.png

11-09-18_9-44-53 PM.png

The “interior” stairs are used by the families about as much as the exterior ones are. Which is kind of fun until they get stuck soaking wet because it’s outside.

11-29-18_5-39-55 PM.png

And then there is the basement. With the only bathroom for this half of the house. Totally makes for long treks if you’re up a floor.

11-29-18_5-42-40 PM.png

11-29-18_5-43-25 PM.png

The basement is pretty much a huge play area for Betta and eventually Sage and Guppy as they grow up.

11-29-18_5-43-33 PM.png

11-09-18_8-45-41 PM.png

Her bedroom is down here, and yes, that is a TON of My First Pet Stuff furniture. The furniture isn’t all that bad? Anyway, she’ll be a teenager in a couple days so the room will be updated then.

11-29-18_5-44-02 PM.png

She wants to be a model when she grows up.

11-09-18_8-58-10 PM.png

There’s also a house-door to the photography studio. I have this locked to family only. My uncle had a photography studio in his basement, although this is a lot smaller and doesn’t include a dark room. (Darn 20×20 lot!) There’s a lot of family photos in this room normally, but I had to take them all out so the house isn’t listed as having cc. (Sigh.)

11-29-18_5-44-11 PM.png

11-29-18_5-28-52 PM.png

11-29-18_5-29-01 PM.png

And that’s it. Outside of the bathroom issue, I think it’s working pretty well with so many sims.

11-09-18_9-13-07 PM.png

11-09-18_9-21-06 PM.png

11-09-18_9-22-52 PM.png

This house is on the gallery if you think you might also like to use it for your sims.

11-29-18_5-18-11 PM.png

Lot Characteristics – Good Schools, Natural Light, Fast Internet
Lot Details – 20×20 (Brindleton Bay – Ragdoll Refurbish)
Cost – §158,556


  1. It’s cute! I’ve been having more fun building lately and this just reaffirms that I want to keep going when I have some time, haha!

    Also, did you know that Father Winter will show up without a fireplace? I had a lot without one and so I was ready to be disappointed but he just showed up in the house! No mods at the time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Building has been a great way to play without actually being to much of a brain suck. (Although I fear the better I get at building the less this will be true. Time is always the hard bit to find.

      I realized that in a different save when Father Winter just walked up to the front door. Lol. Nice to know he will visit even without a tree or fireplace. Def. didn’t expect it after reading the flavor text. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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