Fairy Head

I hate pink. Not the color so much – but the social construct around it that says because I’m a girl, I have to like pink. Especially that soft pastel pink. Shudder.

So, it’s probably hilarious that this is my second pink house – and third pink build. The apartment wasn’t too bad. And I did it en masse with a lot of other colors. But I’ll admit, I wasn’t looking forward to this build. Until I thought about it and decided to make an adorable Victorian fairy’s house.

10-10-18_12-32-58 AM

This house is built on the stump of a giant old tree. I built it without the giant Hawthorne behind the house. It may need to be removed to make playing doable – probably definitely if you want to do too much building!

11-29-18_9-12-26 PM.png

The roots from this old behemoth crisscross the rest of the lot making for a bumpy ride for visitors. My favorite bit is the garden and pond.

11-29-18_9-01-11 PM.png

I actually managed to have enough patience to place enough rocks and plants to disguise the edge of the fountain. I wanted to use the pink flower water (because pink) – but I tried to use as few packs as possible here and that pack wasn’t included. (I will say the game claims I used something from Outdoor Retreat… I can’t find whatever it is, so if you don’t have that pack it’s probably fine.)

I also made a small garden. The idea would be to replace the plants with actual gardening plants. I had a lot of fun terracing down to the pond.

11-29-18_7-32-46 PM.png

Inside is pretty simple and somewhat childish – but I think of fairies as being more on the child side. And really, WHO wouldn’t want a giant fluffy pink bear chair?! (Asks the childish human.)

11-29-18_9-01-57 PM.png

The house is also prepared for a pet – a small fluffy white dog perhaps? A fairy hound?

Downstairs is just the living, dining, kitchen. (As I often do…) And I tried to be picky about actually using as much pink as I could. With white as a secondary color. (There are sooo few pink floors.)

11-29-18_9-02-04 PM.png11-29-18_9-02-07 PM.png

Upstairs is the bed and bath (and laundry and office). I recommend if you have Vampires to change the carpet to the white and pink flowery carpet. It’s 100 times better than this base game monstrosity. (Please, EA, give us decent carpets!)

11-29-18_9-02-28 PM.png11-29-18_9-02-48 PM.png11-29-18_9-02-40 PM.png

Lastly, there’s a small bathroom tucked in the corner of the bedroom.

11-29-18_9-02-52 PM.png

And a balcony, overlooking the tree…er bay.

11-29-18_9-03-03 PM.png11-29-18_9-03-09 PM.png

See, if you sort of twist your head around you can see the water.

The whole house is pretty shaded by not only the giant tree behind the house but the majorly monstrous tree in the corner of the lot (still smaller than the tree that created the stump).

11-29-18_9-08-12 PM.png

And it’s on the gallery (ra3rei) under Fairy Head.

House link
Apartment Link

  • Packs Used: Seasons, Outdoor Retreat, Laundry Day, Vintage Glamour, Backyard
  • Lot Traits: Good Soil, Penny Pixies, Gnomes (duh)
  • Lot Details: 64×64; 1br 1bath – (Brindleton Bay – Hound’s Head)
  • Cost: §79,236


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