Flower Babies Gen 1

I’ve been intrigued by the 100 baby challenge, I adore making my sims miserable with too many kids. But never seriously gave it a try before now.

My founding sim here is Hannah Flowers – a sim I made for Seasons when it came out and together we’re doing a 100 Baby/Build Newcrest challenge. (Becuase why do one challenge when you can do 2!?)

07-01-18_5-27-11 PM.png

According to Newcrest rules, Hannah got a job as a criminal (oracle path) in direct violation of the 100 Baby challenge. I should have given her the new gardening career – but I wasn’t thinking. She did end up doing a lot of gardening.

07-03-18_12-11-18 AM.png

With my MCC settings, it’s kind of cheaty to do the baby challenge, I can just walk up to any sim and woohoo with them. Sure they might reject us, but so far that hasn’t happened. So my rule is they must be single. That at least limits who can be a parent.

Generation 1 had thirteen babies (Only twelve count for the baby challenge). We had parents from all walks of life, Clement Frost, Sneezy Dwarf (from Lisabee), Josh Yuen (from Joie Wilder), the nanny, Ulises Muse (son of CitizenErased) and then all number of townies. With MCCC working, many of my potentially eligible starter sims were taken.

07-25-18_9-53-00 PM.png

Our house started small. Like, one story small. But when Iris Flowers (our eldest) became a toddler, we build a large open upstairs. Over the years, we managed to pull in enough money to expand the house and make some bedrooms.

07-01-18_4-45-21 PM.png

07-22-18_7-27-47 PM.png

09-15-18_11-54-42 PM.png

We ended on three bedrooms and a little open play area upstairs (and a second bathroom!). Downstairs was extended so that Hannah’s room could include a baby/toddler bed. And of course, a small greenhouse was built for Hannah.

09-15-18_11-29-33 PM.png

It took a while to start getting multiple babies. Iris, Daisy, Marigold, and Rose were the eldest four girls. All single babies.

07-04-18_7-11-59 PM.png
Iris, as firstborn, got a lot more attention than most of her siblings.
07-22-18_8-21-52 PM.png
Decorating the tree! From left to right: Marigold, Iris, and Daisy

Poppy and Laurel were my first twins and the children of Josh Yuen. In my very humble opinion Poppy is a gorgeous sim. Since Poppy has the cat lover trait. The twins are shared on the gallery with three cats – one inspired by a Skyrim companion – Indigo.

08-10-18_12-19-06 AM.png

Which means we had all girls until baby number 7. Little Herb. What a toddlerhood that must have been.

08-11-18_8-11-34 PM

08-12-18_7-25-34 PM
Herb’s parent was just a random townie I found.

Herb was followed by my only set of triplets – Coriander, Cilantro, and Parsley. (Thusly named because coriander and cilantro come from the same plant which is also sometimes known as Chinese parsley – according to my research).

08-10-18_12-26-42 AM.png
Parsley (left) and Corriander.
08-12-18_1-21-12 AM.png
Cilantro (I hope!) and Corriander (Right).

The triplets are probably what made me decide Hannah had had enough babies. We were exhausted! Baby 11 is little Azalea, my heir designate. I was done. Wasn’t going to have any more kids.

08-12-18_6-26-13 PM.png

When Tanvi Parikh walked into my house unannounced, I stole her. I figured there was a reason this unknown townie showed up and invited herself in. Plus she was single.

08-17-18_12-03-57 AM.png

08-24-18_10-20-36 PM.png
Azalea as a teen/adult.

Tanvi took to her new family like a duck to water and I will say her salary as Chief of Police was much appreciated.

She and Azaela were close, but I decided to give Hannah and Tanvi a chance to make their own babies and I’m quite pleased with Buttercup as my new heir. Tanvi is the parent of the last two Flower babies and why my youngest child doesn’t count in the baby challenge. (They’re all supposed to have different parents if they’re not twins.)

08-17-18_8-12-19 PM.png

08-27-18_11-36-25 PM.png

08-28-18_12-27-02 AM.png

Her little brother is Basil.

08-23-18_10-49-36 PM.png

09-12-18_9-19-44 PM.png

However unannounced to me in my thievery (Tanvi was single!) I had no idea my stolen spouse had twins of her own, Derek and Jenna living with their father. Once we aged up enough of the Flower babies, I had them move in so at least they could spend their teenagerhood with their mom.

08-28-18_12-33-35 AM.png

All the Flower siblings (excepting my heir) are shared on the gallery.

And if you, like me, enjoy looking at overly complex trees – I’ve made it all in the Plumtree app here. (Spoiler Alert – it stays up to date with my gameplay and not my blog.) I’m only showing direct Flower descendants. Spouses of the kids are listed in their bios, but not on the map. That would be way too painful and be way too large.

For example, the most convoluted aspect of my tree right now is that Poppy Flowers married Ulises Muse – the father of her younger sister Azalea, making her both stepmother and sister. (Thanks MCCC :/)

At the end of generation one – in true Build Newcrest fashion – I got to build a lovely park on the lot where their house was. It’s one of my favorite builds and not at all due to the actual building on the lot. I feel like I totally nailed landscaping for once.

10-09-18_7-53-34 PM

I also got to build three starter homes in Newcrest to kick of generation two. So much building! I had a blast. The three homes and park are all showcased elsewhere on this blog. (Flower Park) (Starter Homes)

10-09-18_9-11-03 PM

Gen two is almost done so perhaps another Flower update soon. (Buttercup’s generation took forever!)

10-25-18_10-16-07 PM

Happy Simming!

100 Baby Challenge
Generation 1Generation 2 – Generation 3


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