Apocalypse Prequel – Phase 1

This is the first trial run of my prequel challenge. I had some outstanding questions as I started the game. The current rules are here.

  1. Should you be able to move in a spouse and start having kids during this challenge? I’m thinking if you want to? You wouldn’t be able to play them until this prequel was over.
  2. Should you be able to place your metals? Still not sure about this – but it’s not a big deal to me as I wish they had a wall case – the display case that came with this pack is too fancy for my taste.
  3. Can you catch fish in Strangerville – This is based on the limits in the Apocalypse challenge and as far as I can tell there are no fishing spots in this world (darn.) This will take some thinking. If anyone sees a fishing spot, let me know!
  4. Should the limit on Boss – losing all your money when you pay your bills to be applied at the end of the prequel – or would this be a nice bonus to get you through the beginning of the full challenge? Perhaps the boss’s leave your family alone as long as you’re alive? This one really dovetails into the full APocalypse challenge. It probably can’t be answered yet.

Playing Phase 1, I came up with a few more questions

  1. Should you have to stay in stage 1 for longer? The first two levels of the aspiration are rather fast to do. I was thinking perhaps you have to get the keycard by becoming Level 5 in the military and requesting it? That would even out the levels a bit (although my sim started the job at level 4 so it didn’t take too long). I’m leaning towards this.
  2. Perhaps instead of (or in addition to) that, there’s a limit on when you can go to the secret lab – slow down this first phase a bit? Like only on a certain day – or not until level 3 military? I kind of like tying things to your career so you don’t race through the first 3 aspiration levels and then are stuck grinding your career up to 10.
  3. Lastly, should you have to eat fruit (Phase 2 and beyond) when you leave the lab if not wearing the bio-suit? It’s a long walk back to town – judging by the distance – and it is ground zero so the spores are heavier here. I’ll test out how eating the fruit works now that I’m in phase 2.

And now for the “story” if you want to see how it’s working.

Phase 1

First off the house (I’ll post a build for it soon). It’s not a true starter – it costs 30,000 when Adam only had 15,000 after buying the lot. But I was going for aesthetics and the actual stuff he can use is cheap. The price is mainly decorations.

02-28-19_11-41-25 PM.png

Adam Childe is my wonderchild. This is really his second apocalypse attempt. But his childhood story is one of my first completed stories on this blog (Wonder Childe). He’s a master at cooking and fitness. Which is actually kind of useful here. Leveling up fitness isn’t something we’re going to have to do.

03-01-19_5-16-50 PM.png

I wonder if it’s because this is a “quiet spot” but the welcome wagon never appeared. So instead we left to meet our neighbors and ask those 5 sims about Strangerville.

03-01-19_5-22-38 PM.png

Basically, both these sims were useless. The scientist claimed to know nothing of the town as he spent all his time at the lab and the soldier claimed that there was nothing interesting.

03-01-19_5-23-53 PM.png

So we headed to the library to brush up in the Strangerville Archives. I’m trying to read a lot of these since they claim to have a lot of the town lore. So far most of what I’ve read in both this and my first playthrough isn’t too earthshattering.

03-01-19_5-29-15 PM.png

Then we headed to the Curiosities Shack to ask our last sim about Strangerville. Item 1 of three complete! We bought every book, an armadillo, and a shirt. Then we headed home.

03-01-19_5-34-06 PM.png

I was hoping that, like the archives, reading those Strangerville unique books would at least give a little message about Strangerville. Crystal Vu’s inventions?! Sadly, I didn’t see anything like that appear. They appeared to be normal books.

03-01-19_5-38-22 PM.png

So off to the Secret Lab! This is when I first wondered if there should be a limit on when you were allowed to visit. It seemed like it was a bit too easy to complete this first step. Yes, mysterious door is mysterious.

03-01-19_5-45-45 PM.png

After that I was pleased to see Adam has a level 4 hacking! We hacked (and broke) EVERY computer in the lab. 🙂 Sadly I couldn’t repair them without a level 9 skill. I only have level 6.

03-01-19_5-51-58 PM.png

Adam is a sneaky sim to use. My next playthrough will be with a normal, non-wonder, sim. Adam is hardly hungry, good hygiene, and never weary – although he did buy that trait when it was equivalent to seldom sleepy – so I should probably adjust that.

So even though we spend all night at the lab, we were ready come morning to head to work. Okay yeah – bladder needs are still a thing. We started at level 4 due to Adam’s head start on careers.

03-01-19_6-07-55 PM.pngAfter work, we headed to the bar to chat folks up and dig up more dirt for the dossier. I had already decided that I wanted to use the military keycard option, but you still need all that evidence to turn into a dossier.

03-01-19_6-17-17 PM.png

Adam looks super buff…until you put him next to Marcus. I thought I was at the top of the fit slider! (I’m thinking it’s the outfit or skin color, that silver skin hides muscles).

03-01-19_6-35-41 PM.png

Ready to start bugging those sims! I actually only needed 1 more piece of evidence but I made it a goal to bug one of each sim-type: Scientist, Military, Possessed, and Conspiracy Theorist.

03-01-19_6-37-48 PM.png

I bugged two possessed sims. But sadly when Adam listened to them, both times they weren’t possessed. I thought perhaps I’d get more fun mother messages. Oh! I should bug a secret agent! (But I haven’t seen any in the game yet. They really don’t start hanging around until phase 2). And now, the dossier is made!

03-01-19_6-53-11 PM.png

I used the computer at the library to request the keycard. This feels a bit like breaking the “no internet” rule of the challenge, but perhaps it’s a weird military intranet that somehow is still working? Also, why does requesting a keycard look an awful lot like looking at a cooking website?

03-01-19_6-45-23 PM.png

The keycard was there by the time we got home. And now, keycard in hand, it was time to return to the Secret Lab.

03-01-19_6-46-59 PM.png

Time for the great reveal!

03-01-19_7-17-06 PM.png

03-01-19_7-17-36 PM.png

03-01-19_7-18-00 PM

03-01-19_7-19-10 PM.png

03-01-19_7-19-23 PM.png

(I wanted to try it! In my first playthrough, I never even thought about getting possessed.)

Now on to phase 2 and see how it works. I should be possessed a lot more as, until I get the suit, I’m going to have to eat those bizarre fruits.


Your two cents,

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