Apocalypse Prequel – Phase 2

I updated the draft rules here – although you can see the original rules. Basically, the main changes are:

  1. I learned once you eat the bizarre fruit, you will be periodically possessed until you remove the infection. So there’s no reason to keep eating the fruits. My thought is that you only need to eat a fruit when returning from the science lab – after the door is opened until you can wear the bio-hazard suit. That will get you infected right at the start of phase 2.
  2. I am toying with the idea of making it so you have to find the first 15 spores outside of the lab. It’s a little grindy. At first, I was more often finding 0 spores, but I eventually got a little better at finding spore spots, I never managed to find 2 spores in one spot (My original playthrough did, but Adam was not so lucky). I did find all 15 … one at a time… in the world. It meant I could concentrate on that and getting promotions. Maybe this should be an advanced feature?
  3. I found the fishing pond! I’m going to keep the “fish only” apocalypse rule in phase three once you get rid of the fridge. This means you need to start your house in Shady Acres somewhere so you can go fishing in the main challenge without traveling.

New Questions

  1. When you reach level 7 of the covert operator career you have to search the sky. This seems to be rather difficult as it only gives you progress at night and Adam spends most of the night possessed. I’m keeping an eye on this now that we’re in phase three and making the vaccine. If the task progresses once I can try at night, I’m not going to worry about – It could also be a mod-bug that it rarely advances past “Just started.”
  2. We’re starting week 3. I am leaning towards allowing sims to join the house and families to be started for the main challenge.
  3. I have an updated version of the rules that someone made which includes rules for additional careers. I think I’ll keep this to Pinstar’s limits, but I am thinking of making an alternative version that includes those additional rules.

And now for more pictures! Check out Phase 1 if you missed it.

Phase 2

Adam, of course, recovered from his accident in the lab and achieved the infected trait – I think. I had him eat a fruit immediately upon leaving the lab so if he wasn’t before he is now. I do like the idea that the infection level at the lab is so high you can’t help but be infected for several hours upon returning.

03-02-19_10-08-14 AM.png

Once he was feeling more himself. He headed to the bar to ask about the spores in the lab. It was a bust. A celebrity showed up and distracted everyone with her slick dance moves.

03-02-19_9-45-01 AM.png

So Adam headed to work and got his promotion to Covert operator! They must really trust his work.

03-02-19_10-43-14 AM.png

Sadly it doesn’t unlock any interesting conversations with the other covert sims. They still just say “Nothing to see here, move along.” When you ask them about Strangerville. Adam needed to play chess so he and a co-worker headed to the library to “play chess.” It’s obvious they were doing more than that.

03-02-19_10-47-11 AM.png

Hopefully, they learned something interesting from their eavesdropping. It was this first evening in Phase 2 that I learned what infected did. Every night, Adam got possessed. What little needs he had – have been pretty much erased as your needs are filled when you are possessed.

03-02-19_11-02-55 AM.png

I feel like he should get a “sore back” moodlet when he recovers. Those contortions look sooo painful.

I decided to test out my theory of getting all 15 spores from the town rather than the lab. It’s really easy to get 15 from the lab. It’s a lot harder when you only find 0 or 1 spore at a time.

03-02-19_4-26-48 PM.png

03-02-19_5-07-33 PM.png

This may need to be an advanced challenge? But it was doable. I got better at guessing where the spores would be and started consistently finding almost 1 every time I scanned instead of usually finding nothing. It took about a week. Once we had the requisite total, we headed back to the lab to analyze them.

03-02-19_5-22-42 PM.png

03-02-19_5-26-42 PM.png

03-02-19_5-27-23 PM.png

It was easy enough to find a willing scientist to make us our filter.

03-02-19_5-35-47 PM.png

Playing around in first-person mode in Strangerville is a mix of beautiful…

03-02-19_5-36-30 PM.png

And sickening if you happen to be infected …

03-02-19_5-44-22 PM.png

Be warned.

It appeared that getting those 15 spores was the main challenge of phase two since the rest of the goals went rather quickly. It wasn’t more than a day before we headed back into the lab to see what secrets lie beneath.

03-02-19_6-46-46 PM.png03-02-19_6-47-35 PM.png

03-02-19_6-50-15 PM

03-02-19_6-50-56 PM.png

02-26-19_9-48-41 PM.png

03-02-19_6-51-33 PM.png

03-02-19_6-52-10 PM.png

We attempted to communicate with the Mother – and as we were infected, it actually works! You become possessed just long enough to improve your relationship and … become friends with the mother. She will give you fruit.

03-02-19_6-57-00 PM.png

And then she started glowing!

03-02-19_6-57-25 PM.png

Adam and I weren’t brave enough to actually attempt to improve our lives by using her powers. It was rather terrifying. Although maybe I’ll try one or two before I cure my infection.

2019-03-02 18_57_39-Window.png

Curing my infections is my main goal for phase 3. It’s really hard to advance in my career when I spend every night possessed instead of searching the sky.

Now that phase two is over – I headed home and prepped it for the next set of limits. No more stove, no more fridge, no more tub. For Adam, it’s not going to pose that big an issue – but for his family to come? Yeah, that would hurt. We emptied the fridge before we tossed it out. Lol.

03-02-19_7-06-54 PM.png

Phase three – final phase – here we come!

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