I made a second build on my last building kick. The challenge this time wasn’t color, it was trying to use mainly base game stuff and only a few other packs. (I started making this before the new pack but it looks pretty good in Strangerville.)

This build was semi-inspired by a brief shot of a house in Far Cry at a radio station that I was half-watching. I loved the way it was built over the rocks and was curious if that was possible. It had that lovely apocalyptic look, but I wasn’t really able to follow through on that.

03-03-19_7-23-26 PM.png

I am particularly pleased that I managed to get the differently shaped columns to place and look okay. Though I really wish they would auto-shrink/grow to whatever was above them.

03-03-19_7-25-04 PM

The house is really interestingly shaped. The living areas are split three-ways. Half upstairs, half outside, and then the last bit (bedroom areas) downstairs. I added a rocket to build outside.

03-03-19_7-23-21 PM.png

The upstairs interior is really simple and cozy. You walk into the kitchen/dining.

02-23-19_10-31-22 PM.png

And the living area is in the far back.

02-23-19_10-31-29 PM.png

With all the windows on this floor the only place for a bathroom is on the first floor. Which you can only get to from the front walkway. Inside I managed to squeeze in two whole bedrooms as well as the bathroom.

03-03-19_7-23-39 PM.png

There’s a kids room – which would also work as a spare room for a single sim or couple without kids.

03-03-19_7-23-43 PM.png

And a very plain master bedroom. This house does use Moo, but only when absolutely necessary so it feels a little plain where I didn’t use it.

03-03-19_7-23-49 PM.png

I love the new tub/shower, even if it doesn’t really fit all that well here. I couldn’t help but use it. I think this is the only Strangerville item.

03-03-19_7-23-56 PM.png

The outdoor space is broken into two spaces. The downstairs extended living area.

03-03-19_7-24-23 PM.pngIt’s got a little dance space inside away from the rain. And a worktable tucked into the corner (that was what needed Moo – the bar I think needed it as well). I love this little gazebo-esk spot.

03-03-19_7-24-30 PM.png

Upstairs is the relaxation area. A little yoga and a little painting overlooking the rest of the town.

03-03-19_7-24-56 PM.png

Looking through these shots – I think I forgot a trashcan. Oops. However it is already on the gallery under ra3rei. I named it Lofty Dreams becuase of the rocket. It costs §55,807 and uses Get to Work (the fence), Strangerville (tub), and mostly Spa Day.

2019-03-03 20_05_59-Window