Max was lost in Briar’s smile. Her face glowed in the sunlight and she was perfect in every way.

“Well?” she asked again, pulling his focus away from her eyes.

He blinked. “What?”

06-29-19_9-50-54 PM

“Do you like the dress?” She ran her hands down the satin fabric emphasizing everything, pouting. She wasn’t upset. Max knew she pouted because she was supposed to pout. He barely noticed the dress.

“It’s nice.”

“You said that about the last three.” She sat down next to him. “Never mind.” She laid her head on his shoulder. They listened to the fish splashing and to the sunlight sparkling through the motes.

“Are you okay with this?”

06-29-19_9-54-45 PM.png

Max didn’t ask what she was talking about this time. It was all she ever talked about. Joy and excitement sparkled off her skin whenever the topic came up.

Which is why he lied, “Of course.”

He didn’t know why his heart hesitated. Nothing would make him happier than spending the rest of his life with her. So why was he uneasy? Why did he cry when the blue crocuses bloomed? He reached over and took her face in his hands and kissed her. She tasted of honeysuckle and lightening. He was light-headed when they parted.

“Yes.” He didn’t remember her question.

Briar bounced onto the stump she’d been using as her stage. The sunlight shone like a spotlight. “What about this one?” June bugs hissed their approval.

06-29-19_9-45-04 PM

Briar had been in wedding mode ever since he’d said ‘yes.’ She was rushing, but it was as if a giant hourglass had been upended. Hours were rushing out. Rushing towards midnight when she would lose him at the bell toll. Unless everything went perfectly. That was her safeguard. The flowers, the food, the decorations must all be perfect.

Her friends complained. They didn’t understand her rush or even her attraction to Max. They dragged their feet. They needed more time. The flowers wouldn’t bloom on her schedule. They couldn’t possibly invite all the right folks in less than a month. Complaints that Briar brushed away. Nothing that could stop the wedding. But Briar could see Max’s eyes slipping away. Not towards anyone else, but back. Away from her. That was why she rushed and why everything had to be perfect.

06-29-19_11-07-03 PM.png

It was. The sun shone, but it not hot. Flowers had bloomed early as if they’d been waiting for this day. And her dress! Her dress was perfect. Puck had assisted with her hair and myriads of tiny flowers floated around her. Music drifted into the glade as if the trees played. The crowd was a little restless. The only mar on the day. But she wouldn’t think of their disapproval. This was her day and it was perfect.

Max appeared at the edge of the forest wearing the outfit she’d laid out for him. The silk accented his pale face. Puck stood by his side, ready to lead him down the aisle to her. To his future.

06-29-19_11-04-32 PM.png

The music swelled and everyone turned to stare at Max. His eyes ached as the light bounced and sparkled around the glade, head spinning as he sought out Briar. She was all he saw when he found her. She filled his mind, filled his soul.

06-29-19_11-08-46 PM

Soon they would be together forever. She was ravishing in her wedding gown, delicate and perfect. Her head crowned with blue flowers.

Blue. Another face filled his mind. Brown eyes, small hands. Roaring filled his ears. His heart broke and tears rolled down his face as he remembered. How could he have forgotten? How could he have left?

Briar called to him, her sweet voice promising calm and security. Promising all he’d ever wanted. But Max knew he could never have that. He turned and ran back.

06-29-19_11-56-37 PM.png

Briar watched with delight turning to shock as Max’s panicked eyes found her. He calmed the moment he saw her and she felt his appreciation sweep over her body. Then she watched as Max’s eyes changed again from calm to horror. She saw the moment he remembered. The moment it all shattered.

“No, Max!” she called out catching his eyes again. He couldn’t leave now. If he left, it was all over and she couldn’t lose him again. He hesitated. Took a step towards her. She willed him to remember all the times they’d had together. To know that she would give him eternal happiness, eternal forgetfulness. Going back would only bring pain and his destruction. She had to keep him here, safe.

“Max, please!” She begged. She never begged and the crowd murmured, pleased with the show. Briar ignored them and took a step forward. Her heart shattered as he fled and everyone, save Max, heard her cry.

06-29-19_11-25-22 PM.png

This story is for the simlit June story challenge. Check it out and read all the other stories and vote for your favorites in early July. I’m not much of a romantic soul, but I figured I could stretch myself with this theme and see what I could do.

Theme: June Wedding; Words: 788/800; Screenshots 8/8.


Briar and Max first appeared in Ghost of a Chance and I’m hoping this peek into the future will help me get back to writing it. Of course, it’s not required to have met them first to enjoy this story.

Thanks to all the cc creators who made Briar happen. A mostly full list was posted here and it’s still almost correct. But here’s a list of pose packs and other cc I used. And a special thanks to Trip for lending me her crying pose. It’s not easy to find truly devastated sims.

  • Briar – L0unacutex’s Flower Full body tattoo
  • Briar – Margiold’s Gypsophilia Crown
  • Briar – Helgatisha’s Model Poses 23
  • Max & Briar – WS’s Couple Couch Pose Pack 01
  • Max – Not sure about his flowers