Build: Yogis & Hipsters

Movers and Shakers is under new management! It has entered a new age and this classic building has been revamped into a state-of-the-art spa and gym. There’s something for anyone looking to get healthy here. Exercise equipment, climbing wall, massage, basketball, yoga, meditation, sauna, and a healthy juice bar to rehydrate after your workout. Should work as a gym or spa lot. #spa #gym #fitness #sauna #yoga

Exterior of the fitness building. Appears as two brick buildings side by side - but with one shared entrance.

My goal here was mainly an interior redesign, but a major one. Plus to use some of the newer gym/spa equipment and update the base-game gym in Willow Creek. I had my sim test this as a spa and everything worked great. It also has all the requirements to be a gym as well. No pool though.

Nice entryway for greeting and taking gym memberships…if only that was a feature. It’s pretty at least and has a sink and a microwave for the helpless worker stuck behind the counter.

Climbing wall from Fitness pack. It's in a room with fake green grass and tree wallpaper to give it an outdoorsy feel.

A climbing wall is the focus from the street and designed to show passersbys what they’re missing out on and encourage them to come on in. It’s not quite as good as heading out in the wilderness yourself – but it’s a lot closer to the hospital should there be an issue.

The right side of the building is focused on the gym requirement. A changing room for our fitness buffs. (If you have the build set as a spa, they will change into spa clothes).

Several sims in a changing area. The interior is all spa-day teals and tans.

This room has got your treadmills, weights, and punching bags for our more traditional gym-goers.

The last room downstairs is the spa itself. A luxurious retreat from all your cares and expectations.

My sim is getting a foot massage. She's looking out on the basketball court.

The massage table in the center of the room. With candles around and bamboo and other soothing decorations.

I’m always so jealous when I watch my sims get massages.

Upstairs is the more social area for the gym. The juice bar to rehydrate after your workout, meet with your trainer, or plan for your next yoga class. With lots of space for small and large groups.

The sauna is also upstairs and was quite a hit on the night we went to the gym. It’s just past the juice bar.

Two sims are sitting in the sauna covered in mist.

Exterior of the suana room. A hallway with some drinks and a door to one of the two balconies on the building.

The balcony through the far doors above lead to the meditation stools. It’s one of the things a pregnant sim can do at the gym. (Honestly, I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to do anything at all! But as a spa it worked out.)

My sim in her sports gear meditating on the balcony.

The bathrooms are also upstairs, a large co-ed changing room. Great for those clandestine meetings between notorious sims.

Two sims in the bathroom changing area of the bath. I think it's Bjorn from Windenburg and Nancy Landgraab.

Another shot of the bathroom showing the toilets and one of the many showers.

Back down the stairs, there’s the back patio all tucked away. It’s got room for the yoga classes (only to be held in decent weather). And beware being watched by random folks just passing through.

A group of sims doing yoga outside (Triangle pose). Another sim in a yellow shirt watches awkwardly in the center of it all.

And lastly, a hoop in case your fitness runs more towards action and team sports than zen.

My supersim Mercy (not prevously shown) in mid-jump with the hoop. Sadly jumping shots don't really show well.

As always – on the gallery under ra3rei. Cost is §138,903 and I can def. recommend the Movers and Shaker’s lot in Willow Creek for placement. I tried to limit my packs as well and not go overboard this time around. Included Packs:

  • City Living
  • Get to Work
  • Parenthood (1 wallpaper only)
  • Spa Day
  • Fitness stuff Pack

Screenshot from the gallery page for this.


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