Gina’s House Boat

When Gina Wheeler retired, she sold her suburban house and bought a little houseboat. She was tired of living in one place, seeing the same neighbors, pretending to enjoy the small chats and complaints of the increasing aging demographics. With a houseboat, she would float into town, meeting interesting people, and then leave before boredom hit.

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She took up flower arranging and cooking and all the other hobbies she’d put off during her time working as an accountant. It was relaxing not to think about numbers every day. Stephanie wan an unexpected bonus and complication.

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Gina had already raised one child, but sometimes life means you start over when you think you’re at the finish line. There were conversations with her school, worries about her carefree lifestyle. But in the end, it was deemed better for Stephanie to be with her family even if it meant a new school every fall.

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Stephanie loved it. Like her grandmother, she loved the sound water out her window, loved visiting new places, and meeting new people. She made friends in every town they visited and wrote them often once they moved to a new destination. Her collection of postcards rivaled many.

02-08-20_12-03-22 PM.png

The place was small, which meant Gina and Stephanie had to squeeze by each other and not leave a mess for the other to clean up. When one needed space, they would leave for a long walk or go for a swim. But their house had everything they needed or wanted and plenty of room to display their souvenirs.

02-08-20_11-44-31 AM.png

It was home.

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Gina’s House Boat is available on the gallery under ra3rei.

  • Tiny House
  • §49,814
  • 20×30
  • 2br1bath
  • Brindleton Bay – Catscratch Cottage
  • Recommended CC: Combo Toilet/sink by K9DB

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