Flower Babies Gen 2

Buttercup is an awesome heir. In total, she had 15 eligible babies. We’re over a fourth of the way there (27!).

For Generation 2 for the Build Newcrest challenge, we put Buttercup in the Painter (Patron) career. She finished that so we tried one of the new “influencer” careers. Which is also topped. (I mentioned she was awesome, right?).

Like her mother, we had an odd mix of males and females, only this time skewed to male. Out of the 15 babies, four were girls and once again, despite being fertile and living on a ley line – lots of those babies were singles.

Our first four boys were all adorable creatures. Sage, Fennel, Cayenne, and Foxglove.

11-03-18_1-45-49 AM.png
Toddler Sage loved his mama very much.
11-03-18_6-37-07 PM
Toddler Fennel living up to his “charmer” nature.
11-07-18_11-36-27 PM.png
Left to Right (Cayenne, Sage, and Fennel). I love autonomous socializing!
11-08-18_1-08-09 AM.png
Little Foxglove! True, another blonde, but he looks like a mama’s boy, right?

It was a lot of fun to watch the boys play together. They were great friends to each other and very helpful around the house.

11-08-18_12-49-50 AM.png

Then came our twins Cotton and Indigo. I have a random color generator that I use to generate their “favorite” colors so I can dress them properly and tell them apart. Both Cotton and Indigo came up with Orange. (Sigh.) They’re not quite identical (eyebrows and mouth) – but only just.

01-06-19_11-41-54 AM.png
I’m not sure which is which here.
12-08-18_7-45-51 PM
Enter Sage and Fennel doing their part when brother Cayenne set the dryer on fire.

Finally, after six boys, we had our first girls! And our first red-headed Flowers. I always have a soft spot for redheads. Daffodil and Dhalia. Sadly I knew they couldn’t be our heirs unless Buttercup stopped having kids a lot earlier than she needed to.

01-04-19_11-43-07 PM
They are just the best!
01-06-19_12-26-40 PM.png
Adorable toddlers are adorable.

Then we returned to having boys. Dill and Tarragon, and then twins Saffron and Sesame.

02-03-19_7-40-07 PM.png
Dill tries out our slide/sandpit!
02-17-19_8-40-56 PM.png
Saffron in the front, Sesame in the back.

I’m not opposed to having a male heir, but I thought I’d give Buttercup one more chance and she pulled through with triplets! Mint, Magnolia, and our heir Star.

02-20-19_5-21-27 PM.png
The family that homeworks together…right?

The triplets are pretty cute, eh? The sad part of reaching the end of the generation is seeing everyone – especially Buttercup growing old.  But she doesn’t seem to mind nearly as much.

05-11-19_10-55-43 PM.png
She looks so happy.

And she’s got a large loving family who visit often.

05-11-19_10-33-02 PM.png
Dill dropped by to help watch his little siblings.
05-11-19_8-48-35 PM.png
Magnolia tried really hard not to fall in front of her big brother.
05-11-19_10-37-18 PM.png
Daffodil drops by to ask for advice.
09-04-19_10-29-20 PM.png
Magnolia, Star, and Mint having their final dinner at home.

Time for the next generation.

09-04-19_10-29-27 PM.png
Welcome Star Flowers

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