Dakota Jazz Club

I made this club a while back. I’m not sure I’d make it the same way now, but after a quick glance around, I didn’t really see anything to change beyond reducing the number of packs used. So yeah – if you want a higher-end lounge for your game, this could be it.

The idea here is live music. All the best musicians – jazz in particular – should come here to play their hearts out and entertain the guests. I’ve placed it in Newcrest right now, so it’s a bit lonely.

02-25-20_7-52-50 PM.png

As you walk in there’s the bar front and center. But there’s a lot of nooks to sit comfortably in for a chat. Or sit at the tables overlooking the stage to get a better view of the entertainment.

01-20-18_6-09-49 PM.png

All musicians are welcome. Violinists and guitarists, singers, and pianists are the most popular and most frequently booked. Although they’ve been known to have a comedian on a slow night or three.

01-20-18_6-11-01 PM.png

There’s also booth for a DJ for when it gets really quiet…or there’s an up and coming DJ that needs a nice venue. The floors can get pretty crowded on a popular night, but that’s for the best, right?

01-20-18_6-14-04 PM.png

Upstairs is open, a few more tables, overlooking the stage below, the restrooms, and a way out to the upper dance floor in case someone wants some more room to really rock out.

02-25-20_7-35-00 PM.png

Go Lorna Go!

01-20-18_6-16-21 PM.png

The club is in the gallery now under my username: ra3rei.

  • Lot name: Dakota Jazz Club
  • Lost size: 30×20
  • Packs used: Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Dine Out, Spa Cay, Fitness, Bowling
  • Cost: §81,204
  • Traits: Great Acoustics, Party Place, Convivial

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