No Promises…

..but I was playing the Huffmans and figured I’d share an update since stories are just not happening right now. I did write generation 1 and 2 to a point. I also have their family tree – but these are where my sims are right now so I figured I’d share and see if inspired me.

This is Pippin Huffman – our generation three heir.

05-09-20_9-27-11 PM.png

He’s an up-and-coming YouTuber. Aka making no money, working way too hard, and living in his parent’s basement. (Literally). If the game allowed, Pippin was supposed to be a little person, but the mods controlling height are a pain to get working, and even then that’s not quite the same as my vision for him.

Samuel Huffman (aka Dad, aka Grandpa) is often on babysitting duty for little Abigail. He’s a sports therapist and so more often is working in the evening during and after games. Hence, babysitting. His elder birthday is *just* around the corner! Yikes!

05-09-20_9-29-52 PM.png

His wife, Karen, works at the local newspaper and writes books on the side. I’ve never warmed to her, properly. And nothing I did convinced Sam she wasn’t for him and vice versa. And their 5 kids are perfect. She is completely smitten with Sam which is a redeeming quality too, I guess.

05-10-20_1-54-20 PM.png

Evelyn is one of Pippin’s older sisters and is a gardener at the local conservatory. She also keeps up with her grandmother’s garden – which is our major source of money as no one else is making anything. She met her husband Lane at work and the two fell fast for each other.

10-28-17_10-29-12 PM.png

They had an amazing wedding. I hate having weddings in-game, but this one was fun to plan and be the official photographer for. I think because Evelyn is my absolute favorite Huffman right now.

01-03-17_6-36-07 AM.png

She and Lane built a tiny cottage nearby the main house. It’s only two-bedroom so they spend a lot of time at the main house. Lane works as a businessman in a regular 9-5. It’s not his passion, but it pays the bills.

05-09-20_10-19-41 PM.png

05-09-20_9-56-41 PM.png

They also adopted Abigail. Abby is Elisa Huffman’s child, but circumstances made that an unwelcome occurrence. (Elisa is Evelyn’s twin sister). Abigail is the delight of both houses and soo cute.

05-09-20_9-52-11 PM.png

05-10-20_2-42-55 PM.png

We have one new person living in our house – Sara. Not sure what she and Pippin are planning. But perhaps we’re finally going to get a generation 4! Sara is an artist although I haven’t seen her work yet. (I also upped the household limit just in case something comes of these relationships).

05-09-20_11-07-32 PM.png

As I said at the beginning, no promises, but I made a follow up Day in the Life (my favorite type of updates) and scheduled it for tomorrow.


    • I miss this and all of you but apparently not quite enough to make it a bigger part of my life right now. 😦
      I keep flailing (and failing) to find a balance that lets me keep doing what I’ve been doing and get back to a regular schedule of whatever that means. But I’m going to keep trying and hopefully figure it out. Or at least share when I can as I have been.

      Thanks for always being here. 🙂


    • Hihihi! I know I’ve been so hit or miss recently so I’m trying to actually post every monday something sims related and just do it for once. I’ve missed you all.

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