Huffmans Gen 3.1 – Day in the Life

Some days start too early and with everything breaking left and right.

05-10-20_12-28-41 PM.png

But you have to go to work anyway – while the rest of the house is sleeping, except for your daughter who has snuck out to grandpa’s house in the middle of the night. Someone has to watch her, but you have work in two minutes.

05-10-20_12-30-43 PM.png“Dad! Abby’s up!” Hopefully, his muffled response means he’s got her. Cuz it was time to go.

It’s dark. But she knows the way to grandpa’s house. Unlike mama and papa, he’ll be awake and play with her. She’s not tired, not one bit. It’s just down the path and through the garden.

05-10-20_12-33-21 AM.png

Grandpa’s house is dark but the lights turn on when she enters and she can hear music from the living room. The radios on, but Grandpa’s not there! Then mama shows up and calls for him. She can hear his footsteps on the stairs. Finally!

But it’s not playtime!

05-10-20_12-43-50 PM.pngIt’s bathtime…nooo!

Pippin checked his latest video and answered his fans’ comments. They were enthusiastic as always. “Great video!” “Can’t wait for more!” He smiled as he replied to the familiar names.

05-10-20_12-47-30 PM.png

And then, there in his inbox was the latest email from SimTube. Excellent – that should be his monthly revenue announcement. He clicked to open it, holding his breath. His likes had been through the roof this past month and his subscriptions had skyrocketed.

“§177 has been deposited into your account.”

177 for the entire month. Pippin sighed. Enthusiastic fans didn’t quite translate into revenue. But you had to keep trying.

05-10-20_1-17-25 PM.png

“Hello my Pipsqueaks, Pippin here…”

Bathtime over it was now time for 101 activities with Abigail. She wanted a story, to play with her blocks, and then the robot toy, and then to slide over and over and over. The heat is atrocious today, but Abby didn’t seem to feel it. Sam, on the other hand, can.


05-10-20_1-09-28 PM.png

“One more slide and then we have to have lunch.” (And a nap!) Sam told her as he helped her up the steps again. “I’ll make pb&j.”

05-10-20_1-12-32 PM.png

Or perhaps just time for a nap. Abby was not in the mood to behave.

It was a good day for painting, a little sticky – but that made the oils meld easier. Honest.

05-10-20_2-19-24 PM.png

05-10-20_1-51-00 PM.png

05-10-20_1-43-32 PM.pngEven after a day of work, Evelyn knew there was still a bit more work at home. She never begrudged the garden there, though. Her grandmother put her soul into this garden and it felt like home. So she weeded, watered, and harvested in the garden she knew best.

05-10-20_1-49-29 PM.png

“Dad?” She called quietly up the stairs when she finished. Abby was asleep. Perfect. Perhaps she could get a nap in as well. Hopefully, Lane fixed the bed before he left for work.

“Thanks to all my loyal fans! Pippin out.”

05-10-20_1-54-13 PM.png

Of course, recording was only half the battle. Editing, tweaking, adding special effects. Hours and hours of work, all for at most an hour of content, often less. Pippin wasn’t entirely sure it was worth it, but it was loads better than his day job.

After all that work, he needed a break, and beating his friend David senseless in REFUGE was just what he needed.

05-10-20_2-14-06 PM.png

“Jazz! What’s up? What about the bakery?” Sam was surprised to hear footsteps on the stairs and even more surprised to see his daughter Jasmine. She’d always said Fridays was her busiest day.

05-10-20_2-04-38 PM.png

“I got it covered. I didn’t want to miss the ferry and miss this evening’s events.” He followed her downstairs where a plate of bright pink frosted desserts sat temptingly on the table.

05-10-20_2-16-17 PM.png

“You haven’t – Oh – what are these?” Cupcakes…

“They’re for tonight,” she warned. His daughter knew his weakness. “Raspberry.”

05-10-20_2-17-21 PM.png

“Just one, then.” Jasmine just laughed as Sam stole a cupcake.

“Sara!” Pippin finally emerged from his room in the dying light. Sunset was always gorgeous on the island, but Sara’s face kissed by the sun? Perhaps he should leave his room more often.

05-10-20_2-28-06 PM.png

“What have you been up to all day?” he asked although her paint-stained fingers told him all he needed to know.

“Papa, Papa play with me.” Abby ran to her father the moment he walked in the door.

Numbers still danced crossed Lane’s eyes as he focused on his daughter. She was smiling up at him holding a block with the letter “7”. More numbers. But these were kinder numbers than spreadsheets.

05-10-20_2-36-00 PM.png

And then, all too soon, it was time.

05-10-20_4-22-43 PM.png
Samuel Huffman, the birthday boy.
05-10-20_4-25-11 PM.png
Paige Huffman – Pippin’s twin arrives in style.
05-10-20_2-20-45 PM.png
Cupcake thief.
05-10-20_4-32-16 PM.png
Abby’s not sure what to think about Elisa. (The feeling is a bit mutual)
05-10-20_4-34-58 PM.png
“Everyone, it’s time.”
05-10-20_4-30-45 PM.png
Happy Birth-
05-10-20_4-31-21 PM.png
-day to you!
05-10-20_4-36-13 PM
He makes for a handsome elder, eh?

Confused about who’s who? Check out my last post that moved everyone up to date with the actual timeline. Also, there’s the Plum Family Tree. Or if you want to try reading up till Pip’s childhood…there’s the legacy proper.


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