Huffmans Gen 3.2 – Next Steps

Continuing my more fluid updates for the Huffmans and in hopes to keep it going a little while…I’ve put it out (on purpose) that I’ll give you an update every Monday. Probably won’t always be the Huffmans. But it’ll be something.

Sam’s birthday really lets us give our attention over to Pippin and generation 3. Sam can kick back, relax, and know he did the best he could. Or at least that’s what his father Arty tells him.

05-10-20_9-34-50 PM.png

He’s completed his Big Happy Family aspiration due to the wonders of MCC. But I’m ignoring half the kids it generated. I only acknowledge two as legit – Elisa’s (or Evelyn’s) Abigail and Paige’s son Emerson. She was very pregnant at the birthday party which you could kind of tell and I got the baby announcement right after.

So Sam will continue to work as long as he wants to – he’s not quite the highest level in his job – and care for the soon-to-be-more children in the house. Cuz, yeah – I turned ‘try for baby’ back on after nothing was happening.

05-10-20_8-43-32 PM.png

But before that little teaser…

Abigail had her birthday and I had a blast refitting her room for an actual child. I used RVSM’s loft bed which appears to currently work. (Bunk beds are notorious for breaking every few patches – the one Sam and his sister Izzy used are long broken).

05-10-20_7-53-37 PM.png

I ended up having to change the desk to the one that came with the loft to make it work and you need the pillow opposite the opening when a desk was present. So maybe it would have worked if I’d flipped the bed? It took a bit of troubleshooting, but it’s functional. Abby seems to like it.

05-10-20_8-06-05 PM.png

She probably doesn’t look familiar yet – but she was a character in Ashes to Ashes as a young adult (Starting in chapter 5.61). We don’t see the best side of her there – but well, it’s not her story and there are at least two sides to every story.

My how the timelines have flown. Poor Abby has remained a toddler for three years in my game. But finally, we’ll get a glimpse of her story, albeit through Pippin’s eyes. He got a call from her school yesterday that she was hiding love letters in her desk. Not sure why they called him and not Evelyn – but maybe he was just the one to answer the phone?

Evelyn also had her adult birthday. How about we say 40 is adult and 60 is elder? 70? Lol. 05-10-20_9-33-40 PM.png

She’s officially in the floral career path just because it fit the story. Honestly, it matters not if she has an actual job. We rake in tons through that garden alone. The Huffmans have gone from less than 20k poor to over 50k in just the week so I’ve played…which included a few redesigns of the house.

05-10-20_7-26-47 PM.png

Also, how cute is this? I had a bench in here, but it actually functions for the flower table as well!

So it’s still summer for the Huffmans, they have never known anything but summertime and the wealth of plants. Soon though they will have to deal with the cruelties of fall and winter. When I started up the game it asked me what season to play. Maybe we’ll build a proper conservatory for the winter?

In other news – Evelyn has been abducted 3 times (in one playthrough) by aliens! They seem just as smitten by her as I am.

05-10-20_9-29-52 PM.png

I did tell MCC that either gender can become pregnant from abductions, but so far nothing, which does make my family tree a little less insane.

Speaking of family trees…

05-10-20_7-17-11 PM.png

Pippin has been hanging out with his friend David when he’s not at home. He officially quit his job so he could concentrate on SimTube. His inspired vlog about his choice to “go pro” is making the most money daily… over §200! Poor guy. His mom’s books sell for more.

I fear he’s probably getting some extra flack for spending all his days in his basement office editing and recording.

05-10-20_8-34-04 PM.png

Okay, okay enough teasing. If you’ve hung on this long you deserve to meet the new Huffman. In fine tradition – Pippin panicked epically. In his defense, he does not have good memories of hospitals.

05-10-20_8-45-57 PM.png05-10-20_8-46-26 PM.png05-10-20_8-47-47 PM

Like so many others I do wish you could do more with babies than just hold them in front of their crib. (Although I’ll admit I voted for more Elder activities in the recent EA poll).

05-11-20_8-01-42 PM

But I have them set to be infants for one day only. So it’s kind of a rush to get pictures in before they age up into more fun creatures.

Sara is pregnant again and so I have Pippin playing with the camera to get more pictures for our walls. He has no skills so there’s a lot of blurry pictures and gnome.

05-11-20_8-10-10 PM

And then – before we knew it. Toddler Time!

05-11-20_8-25-00 PM

Cora has that Huffman chin! ❤ I think she looks a lot like Jasmine but that is probably more the hair than the face. Her face is verra Huffman as evidenced by her grandfather’s toddler picture from my 7 toddler challenge.


Cora is a pretty easy toddler so far. She’s not too fussy and her needs have been staying up. Possibly with so many adults around to care for her she wants for so little.

05-12-20_10-22-33 PM

05-12-20_10-32-02 PM

She is pretty adventurous – going to play in the tent all by herself. Which let her dad finish his most recent inspired vlog – where he admittedly gushed about his new daughter way more than his fans probably wanted.

05-12-20_10-46-03 PM

Next up should be the next birth. Or who knows, maybe something else will happen to surprise us all.

Confused about who’s who? Check out my recent post that moved everyone up to date with the actual timeline. Also, there’s the Plum Family Tree. Or if you want to try reading up till Pip’s childhood…there’s the legacy proper.

Your two cents,

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