Have you seen Astroneer? It’s kind of like Minecraft – only on a globe rather than on a square world. You land on an empty planet and harvest and build machines to make your life easier.


Oh, and oxygen isn’t included on the planets, so you have to craft oxygen lines if you’re going to be traveling far from your base.


The base is where you put your power storage, your research chamber, your shuttles…or it’s where I put mine. I guess you could make multiple bases.

I enjoy making roads to gather all the resources and bring them back home. They’re not as straight as I’d like them to be – getting a good angle is tough. But it helps the cars not bounce around so much.


You mine the surface for resources and the ground. It looks like I’m carrying a huge fruit here. It’s a rock for my research chamber which unlocks useful things. Like the shuttles to travel to different planets.


And the analyzers and mixers that let you build even better things. But a lot of the tech you can find just lying about so you don’t have to unlock everything before you can use it. I find a LOT of solar panels and wind turbines.


There’s also these huge geometric shaps that if you get powered up to allow you to teleport between them.


Through space…and to the next unlocked item.


Once you get to different planets, you can find different materials and scope them up!


All in all, it’s like Minecraft, No man’s sky (planet exploration), and Factorio with all the machine building. SO if you liked those games you will like this one. They’ve also done some charity work donating on behalf of players – there was a HOliday event that benefited the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

My main frustration is when you do die (usually from lack of air) you have to get back and find your body to recover your stuff. Normally fine, but the last time I died I think I waited too long to play again and the beacon for my corpse is gone. And getting to and finding you body when you have nothing…is a bit disheartening.

Your two cents,

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