Huffman 3.3 – Too Cute to Handle

As predicted, it’s time to meet our new Huffbabies.

05-14-20_11-20-43 PM

05-14-20_11-23-20 PM

05-14-20_11-23-36 PM

They run in the Huffman family, so I shouldn’t be surprised that Sara had twins, right? Let’s welcome little Reece and Regan to our semi-overfull household.

05-14-20_11-28-28 PM

And now for some Cora spam, she is just the cutest Huffman! And such a happy toddler.

I think Cora drew this one using her mom’s paints, right? It’s supposed to be the island they live on, blue ocean, green trees, and the red is the house?

05-14-20_11-39-31 PM

05-14-20_11-05-34 PM

05-15-20_6-34-55 PM

05-12-20_10-51-33 PM

05-14-20_11-41-34 PM

And then our peaceful home was destroyed by the two new toddlers. Although I do love getting a chance to see them start to grow into their features. As I say, this isn’t a prettacy – it’s more of an experiment. I want Arty’s genes to stay as long as I can.

Here are Reece and his cousin Abby, playing in the basement. He’s looking fairly normal for a Huffman, but with that ultra blonde hair that makes him look like our main Huffman line.

05-15-20_9-51-58 PM

His twin Regan looks more like her mother with dark hair – but she’s got those adorable little buns that I love so much and a fondness for cats. They both look very cute…and a bit more normal…

05-16-20_8-38-08 PM

With two more toddlers, we took the time to update the house. I had been thinking of waiting for Sam to pass so we weren’t taking over the house, but it had to be done. With all the money Evelyn makes on the garden, we didn’t even make that much of a dent – even adding an octagonal tower, master suite, and conservatory for the winter.

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Somehow, this is always the most painful of popups every time. Even though he’s not yet sparkling. He’s not going to make it to the eco pack unless I go back to not playing.

2020-05-15 00_05_19-The Sims™ 4

Today is also Cora’s birthday so she spent the morning with her favorite grandpa. But I’ll let her tell the story.

Cora’s Big Day

05-16-20_7-29-55 PM
First thing, I got to visit Grandpa. He got up right away when I came in.
05-16-20_7-33-57 PM
Then, he read me a story. The Blue Rabbit. It’s my favorite. Rabbit goes HOP HOP HOP!
05-16-20_7-22-14 PM
Then I played with Cinnamin Chipmonk – but we had to be quiet. Regan was napping!
05-15-20_10-39-22 PM
Lunch outside!! Hot dogs are my favorite.
05-16-20_8-34-32 PM
I got to wear my favorite outfit because it’s MY birthday! Buzzzzzzz!
05-16-20_8-39-18 PM
Daddy helped me blow out the candles. Grandma made me strawberry and cream cake.
05-16-20_9-17-49 PM
And then we all sing Happy Birthday to me.

Sam was sparkle-bar on her birthday and I couldn’t bear to risk him dying on this day especially when they are so cute together.

So… yeah after storytime. We decided to give him a little longer with us. I’m not really being Pinstar compliant this game – or rather it’s been so long than I’m not sure even what I’ve done, but even in those legacy rules you can have one potion per lifetime and I don’t think he had one earlier.

05-16-20_9-25-36 PM

The chaos is real! I’m having a lot of trouble keeping everyone behaving. Two toddlers, two children, and six adults might not seem like much – and the grandparents are retired and Pippin doesn’t have a job right now – but even with that help, it’s crazy-making.

05-15-20_10-13-18 PM

Lots of exhausted sims and bad moods. Although I have to say, I love their upset expressions. Usually, it happens when they come home from work/school.

05-16-20_10-33-45 PM

05-16-20_10-50-32 PM

Lane and Evelyn also have a murder bed…er murphy bed – and so rarely get a decent night sleep. I do try to keep an eye on it and repair it while they sleep. But they end up with lots of early mornings and afternoon naps. But I keep wanting to wait to give them a small bedroom upstairs in a loft once we have ladders…I’m not sure I’ll make it.

05-15-20_12-15-32 AM

Even with all that – we have some lovely family moments when I manage to capture them in between the chaos.

05-15-20_10-25-22 PM

Good night Huffmans, see you soon!

Confused about who’s who? Check out my recent post that moved everyone up to date with the actual timeline. Also, there’s the Plum Family Tree. Or if you want to try reading up till Pip’s childhood…there’s the legacy proper.


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