Most beautiful game ever. By far! Eastshade reminds me of Skyrim or other Elder Scrolls games, but more in the world building, open world feel, and art style. The game itself is totally different.


You are an artist who has just arrived in a small village. That’s it. No main quest to save the world or boss battles to fight. But by conversing with folks you learn more about this world, your past, and those who live in it. You might be asked by the innkeeper to paint a picture for her. Or help a young child with her art. It’s a calm game.


If you do paint and give someone a picture they’ll display it in their house. So the game feels alive and changing.


Not all the quests are painting related – some resolve through conversations or are unlocked as you progress. It’s a lot of what you would expect in a role-playing game, but none of the combat. Or at least the only weapon I have is a paintbrush.



I’ve just finally arrived at the city and need to figure out how to convince them to let me in next. As I said it is open world so you can wander wherever in the hills you want. As I said that the start it reminds me of Skyrim for that – but also some of the more story-driven games like Gone Home or A Short Walk, and What Remains of Edith Finch, for the game mechanics.


Your two cents,

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