This is a pretty cute game – with a dark start.

I haven’t finished it yet so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but you are a retired hero of the mind reluctantly on a quest – mainly to get your scrapbook back so you can enjoy your ice-cold drink in peace – the ice is melting in your inventory as you play!!

2020-05-16 16_04_40-Window
This is you – and your bird companion.

On the way, it seems you will be saving the mind from various nightmares. Each level is kind of named after the brain, which is a fun theme. It’s got quite a creative design feel.

2020-05-16 16_08_07-Window
Obviously the right creative side of the brain…right?

Figment is a puzzle game first but it does have a little combat here and there. For which you have a sword. But half the time defeating the monsters is more due to solving a puzzle than outright smacking things (or even more likely a bit of both.)

2020-05-31 15_41_10-Epic Games Launcher

Most of the time though, you’re solving puzzles and collecting things to help you solve puzzles. Like finding a way across a broken bridge to chase the nightmare.

2020-05-16 15_06_14-Figment

Or to gather the pieces of the elevator so you can get the power needed to use the windmills to blow away the smog. So it’s in line with other games like Unmechanical, Vessel, and A Short Hike – where you collect pieces on the map – although it’s a bit more platformy than those. It feels a bit like The Cave or Bastion as well. A bit more on the adventure side than a strict puzzle game.

2020-05-16 15_16_37-Figment

I think I’m only 1/3rd through. Or at least I’ve defeated only one “boss” so far. That was one of those fights where most of it was solving the puzzle and just avoiding being hit by stink bombs.

Left is the nightmare I defeated. The one on the right is the big boss who stole my scrapbook!!

The world map is amazing and so very fun and detailed. I love the mix of giant pencils and teapots and gears and lily pads. There seems to be a lot of levels based on the map and the storyline I’ve gathered. Or at least I have to defeat a few more nightmares before it’s over.

2020-05-16 16_18_38-Figment
Mind map. Left brain on left with the gears. Right brain on the right with teapots and windmills.
2020-05-16 15_05_19-Figment
Here’s a closer map of the full right brain so it’s even deeper than it looks at first.

You are also gathering memories during this time which I think will resolve who this brain belongs to as well as why perhaps you, as a hero, was forgotten.

I got this game free from the Epic Game Launcher – normally it’s $20.00 which I feel is a bit steep for this type of game, but perhaps it’s long enough to warrant that. If you can get it on sale though and like this type of game, go for it! (Right now (5/31/20 – it’s on $5.00 on Epic).


Your two cents,

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