Switch 2.1 – Dissonance

Well, it happens when your not careful I guess. I mean I said I was too young to have kids back when I moved out. But maybe just one will be okay. (And we checked, it’s just one). It’s tough though finding time to busk on the streets, catch up on my gigs, and fix up the apartment.

01-29-18_12-17-16 AM

I didn’t want to be a bother to Yumi, she’s not a huge fan of kids either, although she is supportive of me when she’s around. But that’s why I didn’t tell her when I went to the hospital. I thought it was a routine checkup. Still weeks away from my due date.

01-29-18_12-27-12 AM.png

But ended up needing an emergency c-section. That was terrifying. The hospital must have had Yumi’s number on file because when I came too, she was there. Waiting.

01-29-18_12-28-49 AM.png

01-29-18_12-29-50 AM.png

Little Tracey had to stay in the hospital as she needs extra monitoring. As the mother, I stayed too, but Yumi had to go home alone.

02-03-18_7-17-31 PM

It had to be tough to see the nursery all ready, but no little one to fill the crib.

01-29-18_12-41-20 AM.png

Eventually, they let – or rather – made me go home too. I didn’t need the hospital bed I was taking up. We spent every moment we could at the hospital or waiting to return to the hospital.

01-24-18_12-01-53 AM

01-29-18_12-29-12 AM.png

Such a tiny baby. It’s so scary seeing the little one there all alone in an incubator. All those machines beeping and plenty of extra activity around.

01-29-18_12-31-42 AM

Finally though, the doctor proclaimed that Tracey was ready to come home and we were both overjoyed to get to welcome our new one to our house.

01-29-18_12-35-36 AM

Life continued in fits and starts after that. I got an agent – or rather he found me practicing at the Nuz’s tiny stage. It’s good to be making it as a musician. There were times I didn’t think it could happen.

01-31-18_1-33-06 AM.png

But gigs are usually late at night which means I miss Tracey as I’m either sleeping during the day, or away until far too late at night to do more than gaze at that tiny face from afar. We’ve had a couple health scares since the hospital, but none too major, just tiny lungs not quite ready for the air of the city.

01-31-18_1-18-38 AM.png

When I don’t have a gig, all I want to do is hang out with Yumi and catch up, but it makes sense that she’d want to go out and spend some time with her friends and other adults.

01-28-18_9-59-38 PM

01-28-18_11-17-32 PM.png

It’s tough when she doesn’t come home before morning. Tracey isn’t used to me and always fusses when I’m the one holding or feeding. It’s frustrating as I’m supposed to be the mother here! But that’s not the way little brains work. Tracey is used to having Yumi around during the day. Not me.

01-29-18_2-45-20 AM

01-29-18_2-45-37 AM.png

All too soon though, Tracey will be growing up. Walking around and talking. I can’t wait to meet the little person Yumi and I created. To figure out what they like, what they don’t like and hear their voice calling “Mama” – I just can’t wait for that.

02-03-18_10-19-14 PM.png


This is the second generation challenge for our switch challenge by IllusoryThrall. This generation also has four apartments that you move into and then bring up the value for them. You also have to complete the City Naive Aspiration – which proved to be a major issue due to a rain bug that kept making the Geek Festival impossible to complete for the longest time.

  • Apartment A: 1313 21 Chic Street – Fashion District – Target Value §8,000-§10,000.
  • Apartment B: 1310 21 Chic Street-Fashion District-Target Value §16,000-§18,000.
  • Apartment C: 702 Zenview – Fashion District – Target Value §30,000-§32,000.
  • Apartment D: VIII Landgraab – Uptown – Target Value §100,000.
  • San Myshuno Museum

Switch 2: Overture| Dissonance | Refrain | Coda
Switch 1: Tajine | Tofu Tacos | Spices| Cockroaches| Grilled Cheese | Mac & Cheese | Confetti Cake

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