Switch 2.2 – Refrain

I feel like we’re a proper family now! Yumi, me, and little Tracey. Yumi’s not the marrying type – and I’m pretty sure she’s got someone else those nights when she doesn’t come home. But she’s home more often than not and always in favors of walks around San Myshuno when Tracey asks for one.

02-03-18_8-19-51 PM.png

Tracey is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I see now why my dad’s tried for a second child. I will miss this time when they’re so little and easy to toss into the air. A child’s laughter is the best balm before a late-night working. All too soon Tracey will be all grown up and going to university or something. I can’t even imagine.

02-03-18_9-30-05 PM.png

02-03-18_9-30-19 PM.png

It’s not just paranoia that makes me say Yumi has someone else. She’s not told me per se, but Tracey told me the other day when I was out busking, Yumi called for a baby sitter. I don’t know where she went that day – or the other days when she doesn’t come home. But I wish she wouldn’t upset Tracey.

02-04-18_12-14-57 AM.png

04-09-18_10-26-02 PM.png

04-09-18_10-27-54 PM.png

04-09-18_10-31-15 PM.png

Tracey has gotten into that fussy stage and is so easily upset. I know it hurts Yumi to be pushed away, but I can’t help feeling a little like she might deserve it. Tracey is too little to understand that two people can love each other a lot but not always be together.

02-03-18_9-25-50 PM.png

I found an old book by Darin Pigglewiggle with the unlikely title “When Your Parents Aren’t Together.” It actually was a lot less evil than it sounded. And I was able to let Tracey know that I had no plans of leaving Yumi no matter what. (In case you’re wondering ALL of Darin’s books had awkward titles like that…it was a theme.)

02-03-18_7-09-53 PM.png

The book suggested that the child spend time alone with both parents so I figured Yumi and Tracey needed some good bonding time. So tonight they head off for a festival or something while I have another gig at the Dakota.

02-03-18_7-42-59 PM.png

02-03-18_7-47-49 PM.png

I’m not sure it worked, but you can only do so much to mend another’s relationships. Plus all too soon It was time for Tracey’s birthday! Yumi made our favorite Chocolate honey cake which may have done more to heal their relationship than any meddling I did.

02-04-18_12-18-21 AM.png

On the work front, things are going great. I’m not a household name or anything, but I do have some fans. And I’m local. Which helps around here. I was asked to help participate in a local “heroes” art installation. I’m not much of an artist but luckily it was mainly just coloring in the lines the real artist put in for us.

04-09-18_9-40-29 PM.png

I am worried still about Tracey. I know it’s normal to worry about your kids. But I don’t know, maybe it’s loneliness? After all those complications at Tracey’s birth though, I don’t think another kid would be smart. But do worry. Tracey’s teacher reports that they’re not too friendly with their schoolmates. Or at least don’t have any close friends.

04-14-18_11-57-24 PM

It’s much more common to find Tracey reading or drawing upstairs. Oh! Did I say we got a new apartment! It’s so much nicer and bigger than anything we’ve had before. Two whole stories!

04-14-18_11-48-01 PM.png

I talked to my therapist about Tracey and what I can do to help. Basically just support and love, I’m told. So I do my best to encourage any and all pursuits, no matter how painful it might be – or how much the neighbors complain.

09-15-19_9-32-28 PM

And it seems to be working. Slowly but surely I’m seeing a lot more smiles. And I got hopeful. Too hopeful?

04-15-18_12-51-32 AM.png

Because just as I thought everything was going well for Tracey, the trouble started. Trouble breathing, coughing, fatigue. I didn’t know if it was allergies or asthma or something worse.

04-15-18_1-05-24 AM.png

It didn’t get better and Tracey had more and more trouble doing everyday things. Like just sitting up and playing. It scared me – that lack of energy.

04-15-18_1-20-21 AM.png

04-15-18_1-21-37 AM.png

We called the doctor and the three of us headed to the Children’s Hosptial at her recommendation. “It might be nothing, but…” “Common in premature babies…” My mind was a whirl as we got ready to spend several nights of testing at the hospital.

04-09-18_9-54-19 PM.png

It felt like an age, but luckily it was only a few days until we were all back home. With a lot more knowledge and ready to help Tracey out. Seems like the breathing machine that helped so much when Tracey was an infant had scarred the lungs. A bit more serious than normal Asthma, but nothing that an inhaler, some breathing exercises, and a few pills couldn’t handle.

04-09-18_9-56-10 PM.png

After that things really did brighten up around here. Yumi and Tracey are finally having the bond I’ve always hoped for them, bonding over a love of chess and complex math problems that I will never understand.

09-15-19_9-42-30 PM.png

And Tracey is so much happier. Some of the previous unhappiness was definately due to feeling ill and tired and struggling for breath. I can barely imagine how that must have felt. But now we’ve got a good schedule and even more important we know what signs to look for.

02-04-18_1-00-08 AM.png

Such an artist too. I don’t remember enjoying drawing nearly as much as Tracey does. There are pictures all over. But perhaps it’s the more inspiring vistas? I didn’t have views like this until we moved into the penthouse.

09-15-19_10-06-02 PM.png

I feel like we’re a real family unit again. Yumi’s work is going well, and mine is stellar! Last night I was asked to play at a black tie gala and could not believe the dress they bought me. I would wear that forever.

09-16-19_10-47-47 PM.png

And then, because time works that way. It was all too soon Tracey’s birthday. Another day, another cake.

09-22-19_8-41-38 PM.png

This is the second generation challenge for our switch challenge by IllusoryThrall. This generation also has four apartments that you move into and then bring up the value for them. You also have to complete the City Naive Aspiration – which proved to be a major issue due to a rain bug that kept making the Geek Festival impossible to complete for the longest time.

Tracey had some kind of glitch as a child which meant that they were sick for about a week until it got patched. But I like the idea of a sim with a chronic illness so I went for it. kind of.

  • Apartment A: 1313 21 Chic Street – Fashion District – Target Value §8,000-§10,000.
  • Apartment B: 1310 21 Chic Street – Fashion District – Target Value §16,000-§18,000.
  • Apartment C: 702 Zenview – Fashion District – Target Value §30,000-§32,000.
  • Apartment D: VIII Landgraab – Uptown – Target Value §100,000.

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