Huffman 3.4 – Guilt and Aging

Everyone has sims that they are less fond of come by, especially in a Legacy. In the Huffman family, that has been Karen Flemming. She was named by the game – I’d not even heard of “Karens” before I met her, but she is definitely a Karen Karen.

Early picture of Karen in the Huffman house cooking. She is smiling.
Mean – Creative – Active | Bestselling Author

I’m not sure why I started disliking her, she’s a creative writer and absolutely adores Sam. Always has. I let my sims pick their spouses, it’s usually pretty clear when things are meant to be. But with Karen, I tried to get someone else for Sam. Anyone else.

Bar scene with Sam in the front and dark haired woman dancing in front of him. Then behind a crowd is Karen alone at a table, watching Sam.
Sam was on a date with the woman in the blue skirt…You can see Karen in the background.
Close up of Karen's face. She is glowering.
Karen was clearly not happy. She also hadn’t been invited and just showed up on his date.

She was rarely mean to Sam though and in the end, I gave up and let her have Sam. And she did give us five beautiful sims.

Karen snuggling one baby while another lays in the bassinet
Karen with Evelyn and Elisa.

Twins Evelyn and Elisa, Jasmine, and our final twins Paige and our gen 3 heir Pippin.

Family portrait on the beach - amazing almost all them are looking at the camera!
Kids left to right: Elisa, Paige, Pippin, Evelyn, Jasmine

Karen however never seemed to be 100% behind her kids. Her eyes were always for Sam first. It felt like she only had the kids because she knew Sam wanted them. He did have a family aspiration. On the other hand, it also could be that I ignored her. I have so few pictures of her interacting with the kids. I have lots of her with Sam.

Sam and Karen in the sauna, woohooing in the mist.
Many of their pictures are not safe for work.

So, image my annoyance when she hit her sparkle bar (with us sitting at 10 sims in the house) and hung on for sim weeks. I kept expecting her to go any moment until I realized it wasn’t happening and perhaps, just perhaps we could get her aspiration finished. One more bestseller and one more writing point.

Elder Karen is upstairs on the computer writing a new novel. Behind her is Reece eating breakfast.
This is how she spent her final days. She wrote like 5 books.

She got the bestseller. She failed the skill point. I did have Sam plead with death – in hopes that one more book would do push up to her aspirations final requirement.

Karen is on the ground with Sam pleading on death's deaf ears.
For me Death? If not for Sam, for the legacy points?!

But Death hates all my legacy sims and refused. And then there were 9.

That wasn’t my guilt – this is…

I like Sara – honest. She’s got a great chance at getting run at our artistic points and she was painting up a storm. She also had just made level 6 of her career.

Sara is looking up at a painting in my San Myshuno Nuz Art Gallery/Museum.
The museum visit was innocent. We needed to view 3 paintings for her aspiration.

But I got a notification while I was working with Cora on their aspiration, everyone else was at home.  I chose to ignore it. And continued to ignore it for several sim hours while I played Cora.

Sara is sitting down at the hijinks festival and is blue from cold.
Sara is the blue sim sitting down…slowly freezing to death.

I told myself if she made it to the end of the hijinks festival, I’d save her. I’m not sure why she didn’t spin into it, and I didn’t choose the outfit she was wearing. You can see it’s different from what she was wearing in the museum. It took sim hours and I thought she’d make it.

Frozen Sara lies on the ground surrounded by crying sims. Death is about to reap.
Not really the hijinks spirit.

She did not. And Death did not care for my plea. He knew I chose this outcome with my inaction.

And then there were 8…and three overly sad sims. Pippin however is not affected as the two were never married and their relationship wasn’t very strong. Unlike Sam and Karen, they weren’t autonomously flirty with each other so without my interference, they drifted apart. Her kids, however, yeah – not happy.

Aging Up

Ah yes, all my sims have grown. Abby was the first.

Abby is swinging in a clear blue sky wearing a red dress. Her back is to us.
I really need to use this swing more. It makes amazing pictures.

I wanted something special for her birthday – but I learned that restaurants and birthday parties don’t mix well. I invited Elisa but the group just didn’t work and I couldn’t get them all at a table and ordering food. A party would have worked, but not the food ordering bit which is what I wanted.

Abby, Evelyn, Lane, and Elisa at my Future's Past restaurant patio. A cake is on the table nearby.
You can download this lot on the gallery under ra3rei.

Abby ended up aging up without the cake after the sun set and Elisa left before I properly got folks into restaurant mode. I keep wondering if she wants a relationship with her biological daughter. They seem friendly enough, but there isn’t that mother-daughter relationship there. Abby clearly sees Evelyn as her mother.

Lane, Evelyn and teenager Abby sit at the patio table, the candles are on the cake, but not lit.
I cannot believe how amazing Abby looks as a teen. Such a tiny nose!

Despite that, I think it was a pretty nice night away from the toddlers and main Huffman branch. I enjoyed the night away from the chaos.

Mid meal. The three sims are enjoying themselves.
Abby did end the night with a mood swing, but that was only evident at the very end as she had her ice-cream dessert.

Next up, the very next day, in fact, Reece and Regan blew out their candles. They aged up rather adorably – as I think the Huffmans have a tendency to do. Totally not biased here.

Reece and Cora joined scouts, and our little cat-loving camera ham, went into Drama club.

Two scouts freshly home from club activities.
Left Cora – Right Reece.

I love all the grandparent interactions that I got to experience because of Sam taking that youth potion. He did a lot of chores around the house having retired back when he first aged up. I do not regret this decision at all even if it made CAS awkward with more than 8 sims in the house.

Sam cooking with Paige having an after school snack.
He’s not as good as Karen was at cooking, but he had time to learn.
Sam repairing Lane's laptop.
Do not leave your laptop out in the rain!
Sam is reading to Regan on the couch.
Reading to his grandkids.
Sam and Cora playing chess.
Whiz kid means lots of chess games. I think Cora won.
Sam jogging on the tredmill.
He was careful never to overextend himself but still loved running.

Sam doesn’t have the long-lived trait, but he is very healthy and managed to get a level 10 fitness as an elder.

I was surprised by Pippin’s birthday. Although I shouldn’t have been. He’s the youngest of Sam’s kids but everyone else is a proper adult now.

Pippin's birthday - Jasmine came for the birthday and Reece looks on with a smile.
Happy birthday Pippin!

Pippin is an influencer these days and while he does have a day job now, most of his time is still spend recording videos in his office.

Sam as a mature adult stares at the camera in his office.
Isn’t he soo handsome!?

And then it was time for Cora’s birthday! Our first child of generation 4. Cora successfully achieved the Whiz Kid aspiration. Our first time that’s happened this legacy.

Cora has short hair and is blowing out the candles on a hamburger cake.
The requisite blowing out candles shot.

I was really curious how Cora would age up with such an interesting toddler face, but that eased up in childhood. Some folks are great at sim facial recognition – I’m not. Unless it’s really extreme, like the Huffman chin. Cora has the Huffman chin. ❤

CAS picture of Cora, still with short curly hair, green sweater, cap and glasses.
Love those new glasses!
Cora in pajamas, a blue long sleave shirt at breakfast with Pippin. From this angle you can see their matching nose and chins jutting out.
Those Huffman profiles, right?

And our Huffman nose. This makes me so happy. We still have a week of in-game play before the twins age up giving us a view of the remaining genetics this generation. Crossing our fingers for some strong Huffman genes coming through.

Confused about who’s who? Check out my recent post that moved everyone up to date with the actual timeline. Also, there’s a Plum Family Tree. Or if you want to try reading up till Pip’s childhood…there’s the legacy proper.



    • Sad but true that that thought was going through my head when I saw the announcement… I’m kind of glad I’m not writing this generation. I would hate to have that death happen in a non “commentary” style story.

      I love Cora’s look so much! Very Huffman, but also very awesome.


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