Quarry: Maker Space

For my eco drifter game, I updated the Quarry’s maker space to have many of the things a maker sim might need.

Overview of the Quarry building. You can see the sign board, an observatory, and a kids playground easily.

It’s winter in my game, so there are a few piles of snow here and there that still appeared when I went to take pictures in build mode. You can just ignore them… of course the gallery save is the winter version and the outdoor got a bit more tweaking in my game once I could see the ground.

Side veiw of the main doors with the little coffee cart and community board. I love that tiny cart!

Through the front door, just past the coffee cart :D, is a little sitting area to chat and socialize. I mean, I showed up in winter and all the sims were just standing outside chatting and freezing to death! There must be a safe indoor area.

Living room looking area with big double doors, a cozy fireplace, and seating.

Beyond it (to the left in the above picture, is the primary maker space with science equipment and fizzers. This is a two-story room that the artistic space overlooks and you can climb a ladder to get to the fabrication room.

Science room from the back wall, with a robotics bench, fizzer, and two science tables to analyze things. There's also a fire extinguisher.

View from the oposite side showcasing how it fits in the building with a stairs to the upper artist loft and a ladder to the fabrication space next to the doorway to the entry room.

I’m still working to figure out the best way to have these fabrication machines look good with all the other science things. They’re just so oddly shaped. I do hope to get a mod that makes the robot fabricator from Get to Work and these fabricators work together so they can build each other’s objects.

The fabrication room is very blue with large glass windows overlooking outside and overlooking the science space below. There are three fabricators here.

The creative space overlooks the science space and is filled with art, woodworking, music, gardening, and candlemaking. Stairs to the lower level are behind the piano.

Artist room from the stairwell. Shelves surround the two candle makers and a nice piano in case someone wants to play.From the opposite corner you can also see the easel, woodworking table, and two planters.

It all fits quite smartly together, I think.

Top down ceilingless view to show how the three spaces fit together.

Below the artistic space is an electronic space perhaps? It has computers and a DJ table and such in case your sim needs to have those items. Initially, I added them because if you’re playing off-the-grid, it is tough to get enough power to make these items work.

There’s also a small kitchen off the computers and public bathrooms above.

The kitchen is very blue and basic but has a popcorn maker, tea and coffee, and two microwaves in case you get hungry.

The other fun thing I made was a kids’ playhouse for when the adults are all busy inside making things.

Balcony shot of the kids playroom which is a tall rainbow shipping container with a play ship on top.

This was a LOT of fun to make and maybe the space ship works? I still need to test that I fear, since all my kids in this save are toddlers. Inside is a colorful playroom for kids who want to make things – like art or pumpkins or puppet shows.

Interior is equally blinding color-wise, each wall a different color.

Overall, I keep the original look of the space but tweaked everything on the inside and few things on the outside … like putting back dumpsters!

Top-down front view of the space from outside as described.

The Maker Space is on the gallery under ra3rei for the low-low price of §131,875 and all the packs. Oops. I was not careful this time around.

  • Lot name: The Quarry – Maker Space
  • Type: Maker Space
  • Cost: §131,875
  • Packs: Eco Lifestyle, Discover University, Island Living, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Strangerville, Parenthood, Dine OUt, Spa Day, Tiny Living, Laundry Day, Toddler, Kids Room, Movie Hangout, Spooky Day, phew!


And phew, made it just – I had today off work and totally forgot it was the promised Monday of posting something.

I’m having a few issues with this Drifter save in that I (again) forgot that auto-age “Yes” ages ALL my households instead of my desired “Only active household” and now my main Drifter save had to be reset a bit to account for time spent here in the Eco world. Ack! But I got Emery and Tracey back on track so I should be able to approximate where I left them off and get them up soon.

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