Peaceful Puzzles

I have two new peaceful puzzle games to share if you’re looking for something calming to play: Spring Falls and Hue.


Spring Falls is a pure puzzle game – it reminds me more of a mobile puzzle game like Two Dots or Color Puzzle, maybe Zen Koi 2. No real story. And you just need to move the water from its start location to the flower to make it bloom.


You do that by moving blocks down to let the water flow and the grass grow.


The music is really pretty too. It’s a short game, I’ve played for 30 minutes and I’m guessing I’m around halfway done at level 32 – I have 6 or 12 achievements. They get quite tricky and I’ll admit, I cheated for one level to advance.

I got Spring Falls during the current steam sale. It’s $4.19 until July 9th (and only $6.99 full price.)

The other game is Hue – and reminds me strongly of Thomas was Alone. It’s a jumping puzzle game with a story and super cute as well. Despite it’s “adventure-like” splash page. So far it’s been very calm and again, great music.

2020-07-02 19_17_20-Hue.png

Your name is Hue and the world around you is just shades of grey. You find letters to you (from your girlfriend?) who has disappeared in the impossible colors and now you are looking for all the colors to save her. That sounds exciting, right? But it’s a puzzle game and all the story so far has been told by reading her letters and jumping around.

2020-07-02 18_29_09-Hue.png

First, you collect color chips that allow you to activate different colored backgrounds in the game.

2020-07-02 18_29_34-Hue

When the background is changed, doors appear, blocks appear/disappear and you can advance the level to find more colors…and more story.  For example here you have to change the background to blue to get past the wall and get to the ladder to the door – but the rock will crush you if you don’t run downhill out of its way!

2020-07-02 18_38_11-Hue.png

The game has a color wheel where all your colors go when you find them and allow you to activate them to change the background. Sometime you have to change colors mid-jump to see the next color.

2020-07-02 18_42_07-Hue

I’m pretty invested in the letter writer/narrator and her story. She’s amazing and I really hope we can save her from the land of impossible colors someday soon.

2020-07-02 18_32_51-Hue.png2020-07-02 18_40_46-Hue

Hue is free this week on Epic Games (Until July 9th, 2020) and $14.99 normally. Both these games are super fun and very chill sounding.

Your two cents,

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