Colorful Corner

As I feared, I’ve caught up on the playing for all my saves so this week, we’ll getting a build. I’ve really upped my build game recently – in that it now takes me a weekend or so to finish one which I think means I’m doing a better job?

5 colorful boxes make up this house on a corner lot in Evergreen Harbor.

Since everyone is doing container builds, I had to jump on the bandwagon and try it out. But most of the windows look weird on the proper container wallpaper so I used the Sulani colorful wood instead. I would say this was not made from shipping containers, but perhaps small sheds cobbled together?

Close up of the front of the house and the yellow and orange flowers that bring the colors of the house into the yard.

The exterior of the house took me quite some time to get the feel right. I ended up using romantic garden for two of the flowers (Hollyhocks and Delphinium) so if you don’t have that pack, you’ll just need some tall yellow flowers to take their place. Originally I used the Laundry day front/back door but in an effort to not use every pack under the sun, I flipped them out for some base game doors.

I really like the aesthetic of the inside – it’s still colorful, but not overwhelming – at least not to me, but then I have a pretty bright colored house myself. The living room is calming and I think, for this family – not used very often. (I chose to replace the window after this shot as it was the only item from that pack).

A small blue and yellow kitchen. I particularly liek the little desk in the corer.

The galley kitchen leads to the backyard, and a dining area overlooks the front street. I tried everything under the sun to get a proper staircase in here, but it made the layout even worse and upstairs became practically unusable. So we went with ladders only this time around. (Plus I think ladders are a little bugged and sims prefer them anyway so stairs might never have been used).

The dining room is very warm and blue, I love that new wood paneling from Eco lifestyle and the pendent lights!

Upstairs is a small sitting room with an easel for the artist in the family. It opens onto a small balcony out the side, but overall it’s mainly a viewing balcony rather than a doing balcony. I love the new(ish) wall bookcase. But like so many things, I always want it to be one tick smaller than it normally is.

Dark blue walls and red hightlights in the decoration for this sitting room. Couch, easel, and stereo.

The bathroom is pretty simple, it’s got a litter box however. I could imagine the kids getting a new kitten and having it stay upstairs until it was grown enough to go downstairs. Either than or get LittleMsSam’s pet elevators which I think would solve this house’s particular problem.

All the teal! It's not a rainbow house, but it kind of feels a bit like it. I don't think I actually approve of a teal toilet.

I made a double room for the kids and I really like how it came out. (I seem to like every build better than the last, so that’s not saying much.) But it has a delightful bit of clutter and seems lived in. This room also opens to a tiny balcony in the front – just to stand and watch. Perhaps there are lots of parades down the street?

Blue and yellow and full of colorful fun. I love making tiny nightlights (two ticks down) in all my kids rooms.

The top floor is the parent’s bedroom. I need to stop making purple bedrooms, but there’s something soothing about the color. At least this one is a grey-purple more than some of my other bright bedrooms. This room opens onto a top balcony that overlooks the street and has two lounge chairs to get away from the chaos of the house.

Large black bed, but the walls, pillows, and curtains are all a light grey color. The rug is green, which kind of works? I think that's the weakest part of the build.

Outside is where most of the fun is and where I see this family spending most of their time. This family would probably not get bored locked at home during quarantine. There are three balconies, two of which are only accessible from the ladders outside. The top right can only be accessed through the bedroom. I love this gaming table balcony – it seems like the best place to spend late summer nights.

There a flower cutting bench and a candle making bench under cover on the back deck. And it’s a good place for family dinners when it’s not raining. I would imagine the planters here would be filled with flowers so they bloom year round.

A covered patio made a great place for all the skill items. I would love this to be my backyard.

There are monkey bars for the kids to blow off steam after school or on the weekends, although I’m sure they would help out with the garden if the game let them garden…or I find the proper mod to let them help. There’s also a beehive by the flowering tree for honey and I think the bug house works well by the trashcans – for composting! Feel free to remove that if they’re too much trouble to keep alive.

The yard is dominated by a dogwood tree. The beehive, three flower boxes and a scarecrow fill the rest of the yard.

Lastly I put a little cat play area tucked under a ledge because, why not. Cats are fun and I think an outdoor cat would fit in well here.

If you’d like to give this house a try, it’s on the gallery under ra3rei.

  • Lot name: Colorful Corner (Canal Corner in Evergreen Harbor)
  • Type: Residential
  • 2br 1 bath
  • Cost: §65,208
  • Packs: Eco Lifestyle, Discover University, Island Living, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, Get Together, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Tiny Living, Backyard, Kids Room, Romantic Garden (plants only)


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