Apocalypse Life – 1

This is a continuation of my apocalypse prequel. You don’t have to read it to understand what’s going on here as this sums it up and give more background. But if you’re interested in the mini challenge you can read how it went: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3.

The mother has been defeated.

Adam sprays the mother plant with the vaccine goop during his final battle.

But our world has been forever changed. I was unable to prevent the worst of the infestation and the devastation her children wrought was beyond what we imagined. So many were infected. So many were changed. The healing can begin now.

My name is Adam Childe and I was one of those wonderchildren. One of the experiments the government attempted to create a group elite citizens they could deploy to solves all the problems they ran across. The mother was one of those things they sent me to solve. My first test.

Adam is a hybrid sim - he's got the silver-blue skin of his mother, and the bright red hair of his father.

I couldn’t have run from the summons, not after all they’d invested in me growing up. Others had run. At least that was the rumor among us, some got away. But I knew they could track us. When they called on me, I chose to answer and ended up in this strange desert town.

Things were bad. Not right away, but as I got closer to the source, to the hidden lab in the valley, the weirder things got. The stronger she grew. Every day there was a new problem. First they were minor. It made sense for the military to block the roads out of town, we had to keep her children contained.

Adam confronts an infected sim on the streets of Strangerville.

The “infected” we called them. Anyone’s mind could be clouded by the mother’s call. And when she called, everyone answered. As more and more people answered her calls, less and less got done in the town. People stopped showing up for work. That was fine, at first. But days turned to weeks.

Adam, wearing his yellow biosuit - works in the bowels of the lab to investigate and create the needed vaccine.

I worked feverishly to understand what was happening, to learn enough about the infected. Weeks turned to months and months…to years. And then disaster – the power plant exploded. No one was left to repair it and nothing could get into the town or out.

The vaccine saved us. Or at least allowed us to confront the mother and stop things from continuing to slide into chaos. But it feels almost like too little too late. But we got to get this town back on its feet. We need to send folks out to ask for help, to find supplies, to get back on our feet.

It’s hard to get people to listen. Everyone is hurting from the mother. From the events that none of us could stop. It’s hard to think about the future when you’re hungry and in pain. But can’t they see we can’t continue to live this way? Especially now that… – but I’m rushing ahead

Adam's first kiss. Jeep is a blue mo-hawked sim with tattoos and bright pink eye makeup.

Even when the world is standing still, we don’t. We grow and change and, in my case, fall in love. Luckily I think she did too. And it makes things easier when you have someone to share it with. Someone to take part of the burden and listen to your joys and pain. Someone to give you hope that there is more than this. That there is a future.

Jeep and Adam enjoy dinner over candlelight in the bunker house they now share.

It’s not easy but slowly, I think folks are starting to understand that we are all in this together. They’re starting to listen and I’m finally getting a group together to travel to the nearest city since it’s clear now they’re not coming to help.

Adam, wearing his best suit, gets another sim to agree to support his cause! Sealed with a handshake.

The mother has been defeated. But we have not.

Author’s Note: This story is born out of a mishmash of several things. I’m testing out some new unlock rules I’m working on from the original Pinstar challenge that includes more/most of the careers that are in the game now. So this is kind of a first play test. I’ve also put in all the houses and characters from Brennachan’s Murkland Challenge to populate and color this world. My spouse Jeep, is one of the Burners from the Burner camp. Right now, Adam is working to unlock Politics (neighborhood unlocks) and Jeep is working to unlock gardening. More to come on how this challenge works.


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