Apocalypse Life – 5

When I was a kid it felt like all of time was spread before me. Each day was an eternity with new events, new challenges, and new folks to meet all the time. Sure the days blurred a little due to all that zzzJuice they fed us wonderkids, but nothing like now.

Now the days, weeks, and years blurr with nothing to call attention to one day over another. The sink broke? Was that two days ago or tomorrow? We’re having fish, again. Sometime we do have neighbors over, for quick clandestine meetings. Trying to keep hidden from the Landgraab goon’s eyes. Nothing like the parties I remember having as a child.

And so each day slipped into the next, the monotony of effort. The inevitable grinding down of stone. And before I knew it, I realized our kids had grown up from two little people filled with potential and curiosity to amazing and vibrant young adults.

Angelina was a precocious toddler and such a rambunctious kid. She was always filled with more energy that we knew what to do. I made some monkey bars up by Jay’s garden so that she’d have some place to play instead of always running down to the pond or wandering out in the neighborhood where who know who could’ve found her. Once we did that, she was always thumbing around the roof.

Unlike her brother, Angelina had no problems getting dirty and rarely ever complained. The challenge with her has always been getting her to be quiet and sit still a few moments. Jay taught her knitting which used up her energy very well…mostly.

Theo has always been more somber than his sister. He is very bookish and much more introspective. And a lot more sensitive. Both to the world in general and to people’s opinions of him. He was always tinkering with with something if we left him alone for five minutes.

But unlike Angelina he wasn’t enthusiastic about life. And it didn’t help any when he caught some sort of pox that lasted for days. No one knew what had caused it, so we kept him home and gave him plenty of water. There wasn’t much else we could do.

The only doctor in town was actually the old librarian and she hunted through all the books that we’d saved from the initial looting for any mention of the symptoms. He slept for days and then seemed to recover fully.

Hopefully it was just measles or chickenpox? No one else in the family caught it though and those two viruses didn’t really match the symptoms.

The house is a lot more crowded now, but we’re getting good at managing the spaces we have available. And chore can get done in half the time with twice the help.

Although some help would have been best supervised. Luckily Theo was cool under pressure and managed to put out the fire quickly. After that cooking was only be done with either Jay or myself in the room until we could be sure they both had the basics down. Outside of the fear of burning the whole house down, there was also the expense of the charcoal.

And so that leads us to now. Our little collection of neighbors are finally all working together as best we can. We keep an eye out for the Landgraab gang and help each other out when there’s a surplus or someone needs something extra.

It’s a lot brighter of a world when you can call out to your neighbor and everyone is no longer heads down and hiding in their houses. I’m not sure if this world we’ve made is the best world – it’s definitely not the same as my childhood. But it’s the world we’ve got and I think we’re all going be okay.

To be continued in generation 2 (Coming October 2020).

About this Story: This story is a playtest of some new apocalypse unlock rules that includes more/most of the careers that are in the game now than what Pinstar initially created. I’ve also put in all the houses and characters from Brennachan’s Murkland Challenge to populate and color this world.

Author’s Note: Ack! I missed last Monday, I know. I have no excuse other then I didn’t play enough during the week. I did however play with reshades? For better or worse, haven’t decided if I like it or not. This is the last of gen 1 – the kids are all aged up and starting their own families now. So look for gen 2 posts to continue in October! (I promised Huffman Legacy in September – sooo not looking forward to Sam’s death there but it’s the only way to advance). I will be posting spoiler pics for gen 2 in the Facebook sims groups so if you need a apocalypse fix for this month, try there.


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