Review: Abzû

I’ve been playing my little Apocalypse babies, but I’m not ready with a story for them yet and not sure whose voice I’ll be using this generation. So while I play and plot, I’m going to put dub this month random game review month. So if you’re looking for other games to play…

Abzu is a gorgeous exploration game. You start off diving underwater and exploring the land around you. The music is gorgeous too.

Most of the scenery is underwater landscapes and you can mediate to watch the fish, ride the larger fish, and open “vents” to release more fish diversity. It’s quite cute and relaxing.

There’s also little robots that you can free who will travel with you for a time. I’m not sure in the second half (where it does get a tiny bit darker) if the robots aren’t around anymore, or if I just didn’t find them.

The game is mostly swimming around and enjoying everything, but there are a few “puzzles” to solve. They’re all really nice and easy and will open up the levels. It seems some underwater? civilization might have predated your visit and their ruins and murals are probably one half of the “story” of the game. But there’s not explanation so you get to choose to understand it as you wish.

Each level ends with diving into a deeper pool of water and releasing a seed of some sort into the waiting pillar and then you return and continue on. (A different large fish is released every time to spiral around the gazebos.

Did I mention how gorgeous this is?! This would be amazing…and possibly illness inducing in VR.

Now, there is a second story with a shark that you are following? though the various areas. And this is where the story gets a little dark and at the same time really sweet.

I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say much more but no worries – you can’t die and the ending is quite fulfilling. The game is pretty short. I finished it in about 2 hours although I didn’t unlock all the mediation spots or find all the nautiluses shells. (I unlocked 5/12 steam achievements in that time). So it’s a little repayable and especially the first levels for just swimming around with fish and if you’re a completionist. I’ll be back the next time I feel like a swim.

As of this writing (Oct 12, 2020 – the game is $19.99). I do agree with their recommendation for a controller cuz it makes the swimming feel more natural and 98% of this game is played underwater.

Your two cents,

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