Review: Space Food Truck

So this game review I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but I didn’t have any pictures so I needed to replay it first. Space Food Truck is a cute deck building game where you are running a food truck in space. It’s multi-player if you wish or you can play all four characters if you want to. It’s a ‘you against the board’ game.

You are assigned three meals to prepare and deliver across the galaxy. You must acquire the ingredients, cook them, and then deliver them to the planet who requested it. While not being killed by pirates, hit by meteors, or destroyed by malfunctioning equipment.

At the beginning of each players turn is a random encounter – some are good like picking an extra card, but most are not – like a sudden crisis requiring two or more players to arrive in a particular room or a meteor will hit and take out one of your shields.

The first to play each turn is the captain! She is in charge of deciding where the ship goes and when and has some ability to move others around the ship as needed. As well as getting to look at the wonderful galaxy map.

Her deck should be focused on lots of energy (to power the ship and to use to dodge the various encounters that occur on each planet to arrive at) and lots of utility cards to help the other players. Usually on her turn you’ll want to be on a new planet so you can get new cards to buy. If you stay in one place too long the only card left to buy will be leftovers – yuck!

Then comes the cook. Whose only job is to cook the food – if your deck has the needed ingredients and the ability to cook at the same time. So often they just sit there and wait for the ingredients to appear in their hand and then put them in the pot to cook.

However their deck tends to be worth a lot of money so they can grab those rare ingredients from the Zapmart shop. After each player has played their hand, they go to the next phase which lets them buy stuff from the market with any money they have.

After the cook plays, then it’s the scientists turn. This brainac is located in the second room of the ship, but goes third each round. Here is where you want to do lots of research so you can get upgraded cards to play.

The technology “tree” is random each game so you won’t unlock the same cards in the same order and their price goes up in power with each unlock or mutation. So this is another deck where you want a lot of high power cards.

Last to play each round is the engineer. This poor half-robot alien, they must run around repairing everything that broke on the ship and if they have time improving the ships engines and defense shields.

This could be just a door that’s broken and trapping the captain in the kitchen so they can’t get to the bridge to fly out of here, or often it’s the entire ship falling apart. I think they bought this ship on a major discount!

You have 7 hit points on the medium spicy game – which is what I usually play (and fail). The shields will sometimes protect those hit points, but some damage comes through regardless – like if you loose life support for too long. Once you hit no points, it’s lights out.

It’s a very cute – simple game. With four decks to build, it’s got you strategizing who will buy what. And different emergencies and bonuses make the game more different each game – sometimes you have to rush everyone onto the bridge to prevent disasters and so can’t cook the food in their hand.

But if you’re lucky – you win, and deliver the three meals to the three different planets and get a three-star review!



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