January 2021: Vampires

A while back, I found this family in on of my save files and snagged them to play someday. That someday was this past January.

Marquise McKenna is clearly Vlad’s son, he is a goofball, loves dogs, and despite being a 9-5 businessman, dreams of making stuff with his own two hands. He grew up never knowing his father was the infamous Vlad – his mother never told him about that night in Forgotten Hollow, but something in his blood must call to him. He wishes to learn the secrets of vampirism and become a good vampire and a very good father.

His wife Kelsey found her soulmate in Marquise’s dark eyes and fell instantly in love. Luckily that feeling was mutual. She’s a stay at home mom, but not content to cook and clean. In fact, she is a terrible cook and has, despite leveling up, never made a meal that didn’t garner groans from her family. She is however a talented hacker and prefers digital messes to physical ones.

When I started playing them they had one lovely daughter (Cheyanne) with another one just born and a tiny yappy dog named Tasha Trot. I set them up in an apartment in Evergreen Harbor and got to work meeting their needs, helping them grow and – most importantly – working to fulfill Marquise’s goal of becoming the nicest vampire ever.

I took the family to Mt. Komorebi during winter vacation and they rented a lovely house right off the slopes. They rocked the bunny hill and gave me a chance to take more snow pictures than I know what to do with. Alayna was just a toddler but went down the hill every chance she got no matter how many times it crashed.

Marquise met Vlad – still unaware he is the vampire master’s son – and they had many late night visits that eventually culminated in a terrible thirst for … blood. Although he did sample his wife’s blood once or twice, he found it too sweet. He now prefers the simple pleasure of plasma fruit packs.

Finally, after years of scrimping and saving (and occasionally emptying out the Lothario Trust Fund) they made enough money to buy a proper house. (In Forgotten Hollow). The house is huge and echoes oddly on misty days. Marquise is getting more interested in the supernatural now that he is a part of that world, perhaps he’ll finally quit his job and start ghost hunting. They are pretty sure this house is haunted.

The girls are teenagers now. Cheyanne is a bit of a drama queen but with aspirations to enter the stage for real and become a famous actress, while her little sister loves the outdoors and has taken up rock climbing and forcing her sister out on walks “for her health”.

I left the family there, with their house half filled with furniture and their newest addition little Ari befriending the household ghosts.

Aside: Basically I love unusual looking sims and Marquise’s two girls are wonderful! I didn’t take many pictures as I played – I had no intention to share them at the time so there’s not really a story here. But I mean, look at these two wonderful faces! How can you not love them!?

And of course my computer decided to eat the last days of play so that the world has reset to Ari being a baby and them still living in Evergreen and Alayna being a child – sigh. That’s twice now I’ve lost a good chunk of playtime for some reason or another. So who knows when I’ll feel up to trying to replay stuff. I’m debating putting them as is in my Drifter save and letting MCCC have them again for a while.


Your two cents,

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