Extreme Drifters 01: Ellen

Ellen Drifter was my choice for playing Mt. Komorebi. Her father is Rex Drifter – son of Phoenix and Rez – my most favorite drifter couple ever. Which makes him a sibling of Feather, Peacock, and Feng. It also means his daughter is due some attention to catch up with the rest of her generation.

I moved them into a lovely house and gave Ellen and her mother the two new aspirations that came with Snowy Escape. Money was a not an issue for this household so we just concentrated on the aspirations.

Mostly snowboarding. Lots of snowboarding. As you can probably tell from my last post, I love taking pictures in the snow!

Analisa (Ellen’s mother) chose the Sightseer Aspiration. I will say it was relatively easy to achieve and didn’t take too much time to finish that off even with her slowly becoming a famous painter.

Although this in not the place to get to take your selfie with the mascot of Mt. Komorebi. (I hadn’t actually seen the mascot anywhere at this time so it was worth a try).

But we had a lot of fun inviting the other Drifter families on hiking trips and to various festivals. From left to right: Ellen, Analisa, and Rex are in yukatas. Jairo is Ellen’s cousin (son of Feather Drifter from Welcome to Selvadorada), and on the far right are Peacock and her son, Rene, who are our Drifter witches.

For all that we did with Analisa on her days off work, I spent most of my time playing with Ellen who could really on work on her Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration on weekends as she was still in High School. (But Jairo and Rene visited a lot. It makes me happy when the families actually get to know each other!)

Before long, she was becoming quite the snow boarding pro and had found a HS sweetheart all by herself! (It’s so rare when my teen sims date and I was so proud of her that I didn’t even mind if she ended up straight).

She was all set up to finish her aspiration, marry, and be left to the devices of MCCC when disaster struck. And, like what happened a mere two months later in January – I lost days of playtime with her, including her entire relationship with this unknown boy. When I came back it was like it never happened.

So it didn’t happen. She’s still a relative noob at snowboarding, has no boyfriend, but WILL be going off to university soon with Jairo because, I guess that’s reality now. Oh – and my lovely reshade has broken beyond all repair and reinstalling it didn’t seem to fix it so I’m on hiatus from lovely saturated Sims pictures now. (Ellen will return in my March 2021 post).

Extreme Drifters: Ellen | Triplets | Snow Day


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