March 2021: Cousins at University

Why is it that university is always 1 semester longer than you want to play it?

I sent Ellen and Jairo off to university. They were friends already and it seemed like a good idea at the time. They went to Breichester. Ellen chose to major in Biology while Jairo studied Literature. As per usual, university days were spent studying, studying, and studying.

It can be a lonely time for a romatic sim like Jairo. There was no time to call over his boyfriend or hang out and find new friends. And he’s a summer baby really – most of his life has been spend in the warm lush weather of Selvadorada with his mom exploring the temples there.

Our time at uni was during winter and our weekends spend on the snowy mountain of Komorebi to continue working on Ellen’s aspiration. (Jairo’s aspiration will take us to Sulani).

But our sims made it through – somehow. Ellen kept her job as a barista despite swiping every copy of Crisis Barn that the coffee shop kept buying for some reason (yes, she’s a klepto). And Jairo got a job as a scuba instructor which means he could spend some time in water – and for a child of the ocean, that is key).

And before the month was out – they both managed to graduate. Jairo pulled off an A and Ellen after a tough second semester, clawed her way back to an A- overall. Reasons to celebrate all around.

What’s next for these two? Well, I am still determined to get Ellen through her aspiration although getting to level 3 rock climbing is proving quite difficult. She did however meet a new sim at uni – Ishaan – and the two hit it off well enough that I decided to move them in together in a little house I made in Mt. Komorebi.

(Yes, it was the hair and beard that did me in and also wow – Ellen is ripped!). Ishaan is a fair hand in the kitchen and only in his second semester studying psychology. I think he’ll be a professor once he graduates.

Jairo has finally moved to Sulani which has been his dream since he was a young boy. I shall be interested to see what he gets up to next in his little beach shack. Just look at his smile!

We will be hearing a LOT more from both these households I suspect in the very near future.


    • Lol – the trick of Uni is to only post the highlights! Hahaha. Jairo is having a BLAST in Sulani – I’d love to live there but I know I would end up sunburnt in about 2 seconds so it’s not the best place for me.

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