Who/What are Drifters?

Good question. Very good question.

The Drifters are one of my four major “families” in the sims and my largest and most diverse one. The Drifters emerged from a single sim Shannon Drifter attempting the very first Drifter challenge.

Drifter Challenges created by Vihisha are amazing as they are part building challenge and part legacy challenge. They are the best of legacy challenges in that each generation gets to start from scratch. And there is something about the format that is amazing. I’m only on Challenge 008 out of 024 total… so there’s a lot still to go. I cannot recommend them enough.

My other main families are also challenge driven. I have an apocalypse challenge family and Ghost family (ambrosia challenge) which are both spun off from from my completed 10 generation Pigglewiggle legacy family and a new legacy challenge family – and uglacy – my Huffmans family. All are in the works to a greater or lesser degree. I do solemnly swear I’ve not given up on any of them. But the Drifters are the easiest for me to play at the drop of a hat and so have the most gameplay. They are the most active right now.

You can find the Drifter family tree at my plumtree app, if you want to be overwhelmed. But for the first few generations it was a very simple tree. Shannon Drifter to Casey Drifter to Jesse Drifter to Taylor Drifter to Rowan/Robin Drifter. Each one fulfilling their drifter obligations of house and challenge. Then it got wonky.

My first mistake was that I fell in love with Taylor – since by creating her story, I started evolving and discovering the Drifter world. I might have survived that – we all might have – had not a generation later – during the lives of her twins Rowan and Robin – I learned of the Switch Challenge.

Taylor was my first official “toddler” sim so perhaps that had to do with my abnormal love towards her?

This new challenge was created as a companion to the drifter challenge. Whereas the Drifter challenge had you rebuilding Oasis Springs and Willow Creek as part of their challenge, Switch had you rebuilding San Myushuno. I wanted to do both and loved both of Robin’s kids Aubrey and Phoenix and thus the first crack was made in what was previously an unbroken legacy line. I’ll also admit that Phoenix and Rez’s romance is perhaps my favorite of all time. ((And doesn’t help my tree that they are DISTANT cousins – oops, I had no idea, honest)).

Aubrey gave birth to Skye – but her roommate and best friend Lorna Jang had three kids who all wanted to be a part of the Drifter legacy and I couldn’t deny them that, right? Then Phoenix had four kids as well thus multiplying the potential Drifters that looked fun to play. In my defense, I think there’s something that happens after the fifth generation of a legacy that changes it from boring to exciting – it was true of my Pigglewiggles and it’s true of my Drifters.

So what does our current Drifter world look like? (Besides utter chaos!) I do try to be “good” for the main Drifter and Switch lines. So after Aubrey came her son Skye and now we’re in gen 8 with Emery on the main Drifter challenge line. Phoenix’s first child Feng continued the Switch line landing on our new sim Tracey. Tracey and Emery had a blast together in university and are both now working on their primary challenges.

But then we get to the spin offs – AKA those sims I liked too much to leave to MCCC randomness forever. I do leave the gameplay on “household only” aging when I’m playing any family but the main Drifter family. That way the whole world can age together – and keep my generations closer in age, but even with that I get a little behind from time to time.

Blaze Jang – Aubrey Drifter’s roommate’s eldest – tried out the alien adoption challenge. (I never did finish writing it and probably won’t – although there’s a video finale in the works about it that I plan to finish someday.)

Leon Jang – Blaze’s alien child, was my sim who went to Batuu to see what the fuss was about and I will post those picture someday – they are amazing! Batuu may be an odd pack but it was gorgeous for screenshots.

Lindsay Jang – granddaughter of Aubrey’s roommate – is doing Eco Lifestyle. (I tend to post only once a story is complete and her story is still in the works so more to come). But I love her look soo much that I couldn’t just consign her to MCCC.

Peacock Drifter – one of Phoneix’s triplets was our Realm of Magic tester and likely to be continued by her son Rene. That story is complete, but never got published as it wasn’t all that interesting shockingly enough. Not enough screenshots or challenge it think.

But Peacock’s twin sister Feather Drifter – has been involved in my Selvadorda story which I did publish through a quick postcard story “Greetings” and her son Jairo – will be exploring Sulani any day now that he has graduated from Uni.

While Ellan Drifter – daughter of Phoenix’s only son Rex – is trying out the Snowy Escape pack. Ellen and Jairo just recently finished university together. She will continue snowboarding as long as I love taking pictures of it – which is forever if I’m not mistaken.

And then there’s this sim – Alicia Priestley. She’s Emery’s niece and looks totally amazing for a supernatural story, right? I have to play her when she ages up!

Or Leon’s son, Kade, who is just somehow a magic user when I have no idea who his mother is? MCCC is drawing a blank. Could he have the magic realm story that I didn’t tell with Peacock? How is he so amazing when I haven’t even had a chance to fix him in CAS?

So, how do I manage all these families? Badly, I assume. But my main plan is that I play on “household only” aging except when playing the main family line – the Drifter family – aka right now that Emery’s story – then I allow those unplayed families and townies to age as they will. It keeps everyone kind of in sync? Mostly. Then from time to time I go through my sims to see who has married who and has which kids. I usually have no more than four families as “played” at a time and let MCCC have it’s way. But if MCCC does something interesting, they get snagged for future exploration. (I also am forced to ignore entire branches of the family – so if you see a dead end on the Drifter tree it might just be that I couldn’t keep up and chose to end that branch.)

Will this get less or or more confusing as I continue? Good question. I can hope for less, but judging by my standards of “interesting sims win playtime” – it’s likely to get worse.


  1. Loved this update – I started the alien adoption so long ago .. I should go back to it because I seem to be stalled – a scribbler without a muse LOL


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