Jairo Drifter – Sulani Commune 01

Jario Drifter spent his childhood split between his mother’s house in Windenburg and her research outpost in Selvadorada.

Jairo’s dad is a Selvadorada merchant, but he wasn’t really part of Jairo’s growing up.

Of the two, he preferred the excitement and culture of Selvadorada over the solitude of their life on the island – and the weather was better. Plus he got to help his mother work. Life in Selvadorada was like a year-long holiday with camping, digging, and meeting new friends.

Camping in the temple. Jairo is used to roughing it which comes in handy later on in his first beach house.
Did you realize two people could work on the same archaeology patch!

But archaeology wasn’t Jairo’s passion no matter how much he loved helping his mother. So after high school, he enrolled in Britechester and their prestigious Language and Literature degree. He graduated with very high marks (A), but a desire to never live through another freezing cold winter! (More on that here.)

Done with university and done with winter.

Even as a boy, Jairo loved the ocean, it was the best part of their Windenburg home. Falling asleep to the soft roar of the ocean, the bite of salt water and fish in the air, and of course (when it was warm enough), swimming through the waves. Now that he’s and adult there was really only one place he wanted to settle down in – Sulani.

There’s only a bed and cooler in that little shack. Everything else is visible in this picture.

It doesn’t require much in the way of finances to set up a small shack on the beach and the ocean makes up for any deficient in amenities like restaurants, museums, and parks. Jairo is content enough with meeting his neighbors and enjoying the island life. Honestly he spends most of his time swimming.

The perfect marshmallow.
Jairo is never happier than when he’s in the water.

Waylon Hauata was born on Sulani – but moved to Windenburg in high school which is where he met Jairo. The two were misfits in their class as all the other students had been born and raised there and their shared love of the ocean drew them together even further. Waylon returned to Sulani after high school so they lost touch during those four years of college – just a few phone calls to keep them connected. He was overjoyed when Jairo told him of his plans it didn’t take long for them to move in together.

Jairo is an avid photographer – we had a fun photoshoot with Waylon when he first joined us.

Life was sweat on the beach. Jairo got a job as a lifeguard to supplement their small bills and Waylon quickly became a local name in the art scene. Sun, sand, clear blue waters… what more could they possibly want?

How much do we love this picture?!
It took some time to save up for an easel, but once we did, Waylon did not waste time becoming our breadwinner.
The perfect tan or perfect bod?
Cuties! This photo is on the wall next to the selfie I took with Feather and Jairo.
And the romance begins – Waylon looks surprised here, but it was more the moment than the sentiment. Flirts both of them.

Bradley St. Clair went to university with Jairo same dorm, just a couple years younger. He was a year out from graduation, but struggling. He loved his coursework (Psychology) and had been on track to graduate in just three and a half years, but then life struck. Over the summer vacation he visited Jairo and also met Waylon. The three hit it off and by the fall semester they’d decided he needed to join them. He and his infant daughter Chanel.

Presentations, term papers, finals, and feeding a baby. Bradley spent the entire week in game in the red. Poor guy.

They built a second shack on the beach and Bradley and Chanel moved in. Despite the distractions of a child and the beach, Bradley buckled down for his last semester. It was exhausting work even with two stay-at-home helpers on site for both Waylon and Jairo never hesitated to pitch in. But while he didn’t graduate with flying colors, he did manage to pass and graduate without being put on probation.

How much does he wish he could be out running into the ocean with Jairo?
Finally! I captured a decent hat toss photo!

Life on the beach continued. Bradley applied for and was accepted to teach an online psychology class. Jairo was promoted to a scuba instructor. Chanel become a toddler.

Toddlers and oceans are the cutest things ever! Love this new paranormal toddler hair!
Another epic photo I couldn’t help but include here. It was so hard to limit myself.
This seemed the best “outdoor” tub. Shame toddlers don’t get clean wading in the ocean.
Digging! Chanel made four sand castles in her toddlerhood – three castles and a turtle.
This picture now hangs in Chanel’s room. It’s a masterpiece and while we could use the money – it was too perfect.

And Waylon, visited his mother in Windenburg and ended up receiving and unexpected gift.

I had no idea but with a weak bloodline they just do the ceremony, no need to find motes or anything.

Commune Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | More….?

Author’s Note: I’ve had so much fun with this group of sims! And so many gorgeous pictures of Sulani it was hard to limit to just a few (dozen) for this. The next chapter is will be filled with toddlers by the way!

If you’re curious about the Drifters – I’ve been playing their family now for nine generations. (Although Jairo is generation 7 from our founder Shannon). He’s on the spare side of the tree though which always lags being that they’re the youngest siblings. (Family Tree -SPOILER warning but look on the right side for Jairo’s family.) The spoiler free version tree is Shannon > Emery > Tanisha > Caitlyn > Rez & Phoenix > Feather > Jairo.

Character details

Jairo Drifter

Jairo Drifter is a romantic child of the ocean, and self-absorbed. He has the beach life aspiration and is a treasure hunter. Jairo is bi, but swings more to men. He’s still discovering himself, and despite loving Waylon, hasn’t chosen to tie the knot although they are engaged. He acquired the single and loving it lifestyle from university. And since moving to Sulani he is also become outdoorsy and energic.

Waylon Hauata

Waylon Hauata is a kelptomaniac goof-ball, child of the ocean with a weak bloodline. His parents both premade sims: Lia Hauata and Emilia Charm. His aspiration is painter extraordinaire but he has no job. His paintings have earned him a small amount of fame around Sulani – two-star celebrity. He’s just become a spellcaster and is interested in practical magic. Scrubaroo!

Bradley St. Clair

Bradley St. Clair is an adventurous, gloomy, foodie. I invited him into the household not knowing MCCC had given him a daughter, but it seemed fun. His aspiration is odd for Sulani – Lord of the knits, but he’s a kindly old professor at heart – even though he is young. He has feelings for Jairo and they are not entirely unrequited. He got a C on his psychology degree despite my help on his last semester.

Chanel St. Clair

Chanel St. Clair is an independent ocean-loving toddler with three parents to help raise her. She spent the most time with Jairo, but Waylon’s hot air balloon picture adorns her bedroom wall. She is fond of the dark blue of the deep ocean and sand castles. Her mother may forever remain unknown (as MCCC never gave us that part of her story).

Mods in my game

I don’t have a lot of custom content anymore (I think Feather’s hair is one of the few in use and I have but rarely use peacemaker’s stuff) – but I do run quite a few “tweaks” as I call them. Many don’t affect gameplay like hiding the various sparkle effects and animations when toddlers play or sims sleep. Or changing the background color in CAS and the number of columns displaying there. I also have some building mods like Tmex’s TOOL and Better Build Buy that I don’t play with too often, but make it easier to build.

Those that do affect my games are MCCC, TMex’s Lifetime Skills, Zero’s University costs more and then a bunch of Little Miss Sam mods mainly around pregnancy and fixes for what I feel are bugs or just enhancements to make the world less annoying – like don’t kick the soccer ball so much! Overall it’s just to make my game more enjoyable. My MCCC setting are probably the most game changing and I use a custom life span – you can read more on my MCCC settings post.


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