Extreme Drifters 02: Triplets

Ellen met Ishaan in her last semester at college he was a sweet studious sim with dreams of being a professor himself someday. Something about the joy of grading papers. Ellen didn’t really understand it, but something about him drew her – he was a perfect complement to her adventurous nature.

They really liked each other!

She started working at the gym as a bodybuilder and mentor and ran a few of the classes as well for some extra cash while Ishaan finished off his coursework. Things were looking up, they bought a cute two-bedroom house in Wakaba. Downstairs was a small home gym for Ellen with a desk for Ishaan and upstairs they made their bedroom which had a small balcony overlooking the bamboo forest.

I’m really happy with this house, it has a sunken entryway and tatami room with the kotastsu for family meals.

But this mini-story isn’t called Extreme just because of Ellen’s aspiration to become an extreme sports enthusiast and champion bodybuilder. Life pulled out an extra extreme challenge when Ellen’s pregnancy resulted in triplet. (They run in the family, Ellen’s father was a triplet).

Just going down the line, feed, cuddle, change…repeat.

Taking care of three hungry infants was exhausting, especially as Ishaan was still in his last semester of university. It seemed like the moment all of them were fed, cuddled, and changed into clean diapers, they would start to cry again and the whole series had to start over all again.

You’d think with all the toddlers/babies Jairo has already dealt with he’d know how to take care of little Floyd.

Jairo came by to visit and recommended his friend Rangi who was looking for a job as a live-in nanny. Ellen and Ishaan welcomed him with open arms and converted a small closet upstairs into a tiny bedroom for him. The triplets had already taken over the only spare room forcing Ellen’s gym into a back shed and Ishaan’s office into the master bedroom.

I left them to play autonomously most of the time and was happy to see them skilling up!

If you thought three infants were extreme, imagine three toddlers! Ellen and Ishaan didn’t have to imagine it, they lived it. But Rangi was a great help. Little Jewel had grown from a hungry little infant into a chatterbox and dance machine a true mama’s girl spending all her time watching Ellen whenever she was home.

Jewel and Eric
Loving Brothers: Eric (left) and Floyd (right)

Eric found himself looking toward Rangi. He was a sensitive and quiet little toddler, easily overwhelmed by his siblings. If Rangi hadn’t been around, he might have been totally overlooked. Rangi also loved cleaning and so quickly took over the house. Before he’d moved in Ellen would often collapse into bed, the house covered in dust and clutter.

Rangi teaching Eric the night we realized Rangi wanted to move in with us.

Floyd was loud and energetic, running around the house, up and down the stairs, and all over the place. In between grading papers, Ishaan spend his time cooking all the food for the house. The only times Floyd was still was when he was watching Ishaan cook and bake.

Ishaan is so photogenic – especially against Ellen’s favorite color, red.

Before long, it was time for the the triplet’s birthday. A perfect excuse for a party – and you’ve not had a party until you’ve had a toddler party. Ellen rented a ball pit and invited everyone she knew. Everyone had a great time dancing, sliding, and jumping into the balls and before long the toddlers had blown out their candles and, exhausted by the event, the entire family fell into bed.

We invited all the Drifters we could to the party.
I’ve actually never played with the ball pit before – it’s not as bad looking as I feared.
Happy birthday Floyd!
Happy birthday Jewel!
Happy birthday Eric!

Dance party at the end of the night!
(Jewel is wearing pink, Eric is in suspenders) (Also pictured: Chanel, Tracey, Rene, and Lindsay)
All tired out – Floyd is ready for bed.
(Also pictured left to right: Jairo, Feather, Tracey, Lindsay)

Extreme Drifter Chapters: Ellen | Triplets| Achievement

Author’s Note: My plan is to just play this family until Ellen get’s her aspiration, we’re almost done with stage 2 – just have to make it down the medium slope on high intensity without wiping out at the end. After that I’ll let MCCC have it’s way and will just check in on these adorable toddlers.

If you’re curious about the Drifters – I’ve been playing their family now for nine generations. (Although Ellen is generation 7 from our founder Shannon). She’s on the spare side of the tree though which always lags being that they’re the youngest siblings. (Family Tree -SPOILER warning but look on the right side for Ellen’s family.) The spoiler free version tree is Shannon > Emery > Tanisha > Caitlyn > Rez Phoenix > Rex > Ellen.

Character details


Ellen Drifter moved to Mt. Komorebi in elementary school where she gained her love of all things snow. She went to university with her cousin Jairo before returning to her beloved home and starting her own family. Never one to do things by half – she jumped all in on the family front. She is active, energetic, acclimated to the cold, and loving all things sports. Like her father she’s erratic and also a bit of a klepto – mainly stealing punching bags from her work.


Ishaan Drifter married Ellen as he worked on his PhD. He’s a gluttonous perfectionist and childish which makes him great fun with all the kids in the house. He is becoming quite the gourmand and little Jewel is following in his footsteps. Ishaan isn’t much for the snowy adventures that Ellen loves, but he’s willing to join the family on from time to time and help out by shaking the vending machines.


Rangi Vainu’upo joined the family after spending all night playing with the toddlers letting Ellen and Ishaan finally catch up on sleep. Clearly he wanted to be a part of this family. He’s got the super parent aspiration and is a neat perfectionist, but a bit of a goofball. He and Ishaan get along fabulously. When Rangi isn’t caring for the kids, he’s cleaning the house…all the time.


Jewel Drifter was a little charmer always getting her way. As the only daughter, she is a bit spoiled and gets her way easily although she’s not stuck up about it. She has a great appreciation for food and loves everything her father makes. She makes friends easily and is quite the chatterbox.


Floyd Drifter and his brother were both angelic toddlers and rarely gave their parents as much trouble. He learned his skills fairly well although always seemed to be a step behind his brother. He admires his mother’s strength and is interested in following in her footsteps, unless it ends up being too much work.


Eric Drifter practically trained himself, I didn’t mean to focus on his siblings, but despite ignoring him, he had the best skill gain of all three of them, and maxed imagination days before his birthday. Thus, he will be our artist, I think. And is quite the proper gentleman, emulating Rangi, his favorite parent.


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