Drifter 008-4: Vice Versa

They say twins are double the trouble. Double the fun. Doublemint gum. I’m Charlie there on the left and is Frankie on the right – or is it vice versa?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell in old photographs. Our mom wanted to make sure we were able to be our own selves and kept trying to buy us our own clothes, but it was fruitless. We preferred the ambiguity of watching folks try to keep us straight.

It helped that we had similar interests, if slightly a different focus. For example Charlie preferred noir mysteries like “A Series of Really Bad Things Happening” but I liked the more cheerful mysteries with folks saving the world like in “The Cummerbund Society.”

But we both preferred them mom reading to us at night before bed.

Or take the chemistry table. I liked making sure everything was done to the book and followed our recipes exactly. I would write everything down in the notebook and make careful notations when I wanted to try something new making sure to only change one element at a time.

Frankie liked to put everything together and see what happened. Sometimes it was nothing. Sometimes it exploded. We’re lucky the house didn’t burn down during some of those experiments. Wrose, if it did happen to go well, there was no way to know how to recreate it!

We both played chess and were in our school’s chess team. We usually beat our opponents are were pretty evenly matched at home. But I made team captain.

The worst part about growing up was losing our ability to trade places. See – we’re not identical twins. Not by a long shot.

I knew it wouldn’t last. But growing up hasn’t made us less of best friends. Now though, we’ve got to level up our tricks.

And tricks we will have in the next generation as we are the Drifter heirs and are ready for our next adventure!

Gen 8 Chapters
Tempus Fugit | Carpe Diem | Non Sequitur | Vice Versa

The challenge this generation was:

  1. Build a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for §50,000.
    1. Done
  2. Adopt three children on your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd promotions.
    1. Done
  3. Including your heir, each child must complete a different childhood aspiration.
    1. Ted: Social (Done)
    2. Tess: Motor (Done)
    3. Alfonso: Creative (Done)
    4. Frankie/Charlie: Mental (Done)
  4. Emery must reach the top of her writing career.
    1. Career level: 10 Author (Done – third time’s the charm – I think if you fail to answer a call offering you a job – you automatically take it and that’s what happened both time she left her author career at level 9…)

Notes: I did rush the end of this a bit – it’s been forever and a day – and we had all the requirements to end the challenge except the heirs growing up. So I cheated and got them a cake. Def. a mistake this generation (and the Switch generation) was putting them through uni – gave them too much of an advantage on their careers. Although it was super fun to do. So from now on – I think spares are allowed or they can major in something that isn’t their future career.

Conveniently – once again the Drifters is asking for you to start with two sims and I have twins! Similar to Robin and Raven of gen 5. I don’t recall which on this time was born first so I’m not sure which one will be having our next heir – oops.

Lasty, the dogs – soooo many dogs and I have a weird bug when sometimes despite being totally fine, they’ll be starving to death. I had to keep mccc cheating them “happy.” I also for a while had the playable pets installed so I could figure out what was going up. Sure enough “staving moodlet” but the needs were all green. (I took it out when Country Living came out).

I don’t regret having so many dogs this generation (both here and in Switch) but, guh it was a pain. Our dogs were: Kin, FruFru + Annie – and then the puppies: Stella – King Jr – Rainbow Starr.

Your two cents,

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