Switch 3 – Love in the City

Tracey found love soon after Uni. She moved to San Myshuno and – perhaps she was dazzled by the glitz and glamour or perhaps she was just lucky.

But that’s jumping a bit ahead. Like her predecessors (Gen 1, Gen 2) – Tracey’s first challenge was a small apartment and empty pockets. To get started she took up painting in her spare time and then hawked it on the streets.

She managed to sell enough painting at the flea market for some basics required for living.

Her day job was writing up food reviews for “inSpire” San Myshuno’s hottest magazine. She started on the food cart beat which while it wasn’t glamourous, there was always a new cart starting up and her readers learned quickly to appreciate her quirky, but honest reviews.

Tatty’s Takeout is an authentic little shop. Fully recommend the wontons, the wrapers are crispy and perfect. A great way to end the night. The location however, can be a bit awkward as the neighbors aren’t here to appreciate the delicious food.

And it was out there on the streets that Tracey met Juliet and the two immediately hit it off – as we saw before.

The little 1DK was going to be too small for them so it was already time to move.

Especially as Juliet had one extra surprise for Tracey and instead of two, they were going to be three. Tracey quickly fell in love with the little girl even if the father remained a mystery.

In the end it didn’t matter who provided the other half of the DNA, it mattered more who would be raising her. Unlike her mother, Tracey was very willing to tie the knot with the love of her life.

And Kayne wasn’t going to be an only child for long.

Tracey was doing very well and had moved up in inSpire to LEAD the other food critics. It was time for her to find a new job and a new apartment. A permanent home for this family of four—ish.

Much to everyone’s delight, Kayne got along famously with her little sister, Chris.

And they both adored the new puppy.

But puppies don’t stay puppies very long. Nor do toddlers.

And in such an idyllic way – life continued.

Tracey was a now star, the most well-known critic in all San Myshuno and the family bought a penthouse befitting her new rank. She graced the cover of well-known magazines and everyone wanted to know what she was planning to do next.

Despite the fame, the family continued to live rather normally – or as normal as you can in a three-story apartment with a daily cleaning service and an indoor gym.

Okay – we’re going to try not to take over a year to finish these challenges again. Lol – I totally blame Covid. Like I said in the Drifters 008 challenge – going to college made this challenge way to easy and we were sitting on a ton of money, in the last house of the challenge and Chris was just a teenager. Plus side – they were great folks to send to the Sim Session music festival?

  • Apartment 1: 1312 21 Chic Street
  • Apartment 2: 2B Jasmine Suites
  • Apartment 3: 20 Culpepper House
  • Apartment 4: 888 Spire Apartments

Also Tracey maxed the Food Critic, we made extra money from Tracey writing a billion books and Juliet painting. We had 2+ dogs, but never puppies. At the end I had Tracey open a restaurant and Kaye has moved in with Alicia (Frankie and Charlie’s cousin). She’s aiming to be an actress while Alicia tries to make in the home decorator world. I’m looking forward to Chris’s switch once I finish catching the rest of the Drifter Neighborhood up.

Your two cents,

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