Jairo Drifter – Sulani Commune 03

One of my favorite things about this save is growing the house. We started with this tiny shed, but it’s been growing with each sim that has joined.

It had just an air mattress and a cooler.

Waylon and Jairo lived in this little house while they saved up money. Really the two of them didn’t need more when it was just them. But we got both Bradley and Chanel at the same time and thus our first rebuild.

Two houses – on the right for Wayon and Jairo, the left for Bradley and Chanel.

At this time our main food source was the cooler, the campfire, and one of the Sulani barbeque pits. But it kept getting reposed by the repo man since Jairo was still working to pay off his student loans and we were not cash rich with Jario being the only one with a job and it was the simple lifeguard job rather than a proper career.

Eventually we got a little kitchen in Bradley’s house – half for him and Chanel and the rest was a fridge and counters. We couldn’t afford a stove yet.

One Chanel grew up to a child we were finally able to build on the ocean! This particular lot has a lot more “water” than land so building out was desired. We changed the old “main” house into the bathroom and then used piers to go out to three tiny houses – left for Bradley and Chanel, Middle is the kitchen, and the right is for Waylon, Jairo, and the toddlers.

I really liked my kitchen setup – the dining area is covered, but open to the views. And I found this pillow trick to get my toddlers to be able to “sit” near the big table and not deal with the nonsense that is high chairs. I’m going to be using that in the future.

Once Copper grew up I needed room for the kids and both Chanel and Copper moved upstiars. So I build a little bedroom on top of the kitchen/dining.

Drea was not happy to have to share her new (all hers room) with her little half-brother. But since toddlers can’t climb ladders, she really didn’t have a choice.

Building here is so fun because the views have to be amazing. I do try to make the houses look/feel a little different but when they open onto the water, full windows are a must.

Bradley ended up getting a nice room all to himself once Chanel moved upstairs. His house is the dark grey shed. This room will eventually become a TV room, but for now it’s Bradley’s office/bedcroom.

My house stayed this way for a long time (until Chanel ages up again).

Since Copper and Drea were so close in age – she had her birthday soon after Copper’s and as much as having multiple toddlers was fun – it was also really fun to have multiple kids as they can do so much more.

I really like how Drea aged up! She’s just so adorable!

I gave her a fancier look than Chanel. Three kids means going to school monday through friday which makes for a much less chaotic house and we could finally start paying attention to both Jairo (and his conservation career) and Waylon’s magic and more time in the magic realm.

A lot of the conservation career extra tasks happen mostly on Mua Pel’am so (finally) we started traveling. Why is it so hard to travel when you’re raising a family? I brought the kids too and we got to meet some distant reletives.

The two blue kids here are Danny (redhead) and Janelle. They are the children of Hector Drifter – Jairo’s cousin so they are cousins once removed? So while Jairo ran around taking pictures of waterfalls, surveying wildlife, and exploring the cave (not pictured) the kids played together.

Living in Sulani means getting a lot of swimming in. I got into a habbit of having the kids swim upon getting off school to get their fun up. (This worked great until as a teen, Copper decided he hated fitness and swimming is fitness!)

Then they do their homework and head to bed.

Tungston is filling in as our sole adorable toddler. I love putting blocks near the ocean for them to play with.

And then it was Chanel’s birthday.

Isn’t she amazing?! I still wonder who her mother was – but it probably an adoption thing via MCC hence why her tree doesn’t have anyone but Bradley in it.

I wanted to give her a lovely room of her own so we kind of went all out and built a tiny house just to the left of the kitchen.

After a bit of recoloring (and making a “front door” at the end of the pier for all those Sulani guests and potlucks), This is where we left the housebuilding and gameplay for our little commune.

Commune Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | More….?

Author’s Note: These Sulani posts are mainly just away for me to give you all picture spam. But it’s sooo pretty having folks swim in the ocean or hunting for sea shells. I’m debating if I will make someone a mermaid. (Drea is my favorite for that but she is a spell caster so I’d have to unmagic her to do that…)

If you’re curious about the Drifters – I’ve been playing their family now for nine generations. (Although Jairo is generation 7 from our founder Shannon). He’s on the spare side of the tree though which always lags being that they’re the youngest siblings. (Family Tree -SPOILER warning but look on the right side for Jairo’s family.) The spoiler free version tree is Shannon > Emery > Tanisha > Caitlyn > Rez Phoenix Feather > Jairo.

Character details

Jairo Drifter

Jairo Drifter is a romantic child of the ocean, and self-absorbed. He completed the beach life aspiration and is in the conservationist career. Jairo is bi, but swings more to men. He and Waylon still haven’t chosen to tie the knot but they are deeply committed. He acquired the single and loving it lifestyle from university. And since moving to Sulani he is also become outdoorsy and energic.

Waylon Hauata

Waylon Hauata is a kleptomaniac goof-ball, child of the ocean with a weak bloodline. His parents both premade sims: Lia Hauata and Emilia Charm. His aspiration is painter extraordinaire but he has no job. His paintings are our main source of income and it’s great to have a spellcaster around to scrubaroo and repairio from across the lot.

Chanel St. Clair

Chanel St. Clair stills loves the ocean but is a bit of a brainiac. She’s always pestering Jairo to explain about the native plants and sea creatures. She’s quite responsible and helps care for the others in her family. They may not be blood related, but that doesn’t mean much to her. They’re family and that’s what’s important. Her father has moved to Breichester to live closer to work so she visits there from time to time.

Copper Drifter

Copper Drifter first born of Waylon and Jairo he takes after Waylon a bit more both in appearance and in magical potential He’s not a spellcaster, but that magical blood flows weakly through him. Drea is is favorite sibling and he loves goofing around. Pink and purple are his favorite colors. He’s a very chatty sim and brings friends home from school all the time.

Drea Hauata

Drea Hauata is our magical child and she has her father Waylon’s blond hair. She’s a bit of a diva but more in appearance than in demands. She’s always after folks to recycle more and wants to be a painter like her father. She loves the ocean life and can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else. She loves teal and pink and wearing gold jewelry.

Tungsten Drifter

Tungsten Drifter second child of Waylon with Jairo. We decided just to have a single night of fun and Tungsten was the not at all unwelcome result. Unlike his elder siblings, Tungsten prefers to be around others and gets lonely easily. Perhaps because he’s the youngest child? You can always find him underfoot or following not that far behind.

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