Yucca Adobe

I’ve made another build for SUpSims’ facebook floor plan challenge. This time, I chose to build it in Oasis Springs so ended up with a more desert feel to the house. It’s a little more on the modern side but overall I feel like my last build (A’Vocado Vista) was more on the posh side? Then again it’s me and I love color so of course my builds end up similar in that way.

I was excited (and perhaps confused) about the entryway from the garage. It was really hard to figure out which way the stairs were heading and then – to get the deck and front porch to have steps up, I had to have a way in from the garage at ground level so I kind of tweaked the stairs.

So building commenced – this is the first time, I’ve ended on the same lot that I started the build on. I did look at Evergreen Harbor to build this, but sadly the lot was in the wrong orientation and I learned my lesson.

I ended up doing a lot of the exterior before I even touched the interior. This was vesrion 1.

I really liked the yard it once I made it. It’s always a bit of a challenge to get a house to fit in with the neighborhood since you can’t build right up to the edge of the lot.

I changed up the widows to give it a less “modern” feel outside. I loved using the blue as an accent color against that white. It took a bit of playing around to find out which windows I liked best.

And exterior complete!

After a couple day break – (since I’m not running this to the deadline). I moved to the interior. For most the build the wooded floors were white, but I ended up changing them last minute.

As you can see I used the blue color inside as well. I fear some folks would move out immediately due to that blinding color, but I liked it. I also mostly copied the layout of the rooms as well (since the floor plan had it) I think the door out to the deck is the one thing I moved pretty far off where it is on the plan.

The living room is my favorite I think.

There’s a little office off the kitchen.

And of course another pantry. After the over decoration of the first two builds – I kept this one more simple. I also wanted to show off the stairs going up and the entry way. Plus – yes, this is a cat house.

The entry in from the garage is super cute. The stairs up are just to the left when you go up into the house proper from here.

The back deck is another one of my favorite rooms. It feels like a great place to hang out in the evening after the heat of the day has ended.

Upstairs is a bit odd – due to what nonsense I did with stairs. I left a bit of it open to the mud room area, but it has a little one square “bridge” which is odd.

The master bedroom was quite large, but by combining dressers and adding a cat tree, I filled it out fairly well.

One of these days there won’t be a walk-in closet, but I know they’re super popular in houses today so that may never occur. I need to reach out and try some different things to make sure my closets are all the same.

Then there are the two kids bedrooms. I went with a pre-teen and a youngish teen.

And then lastly (and perhaps leastly) the bathroom. It’s well a huge bathroom but at least I remembered a litterbox.

And complete. Short and sweet – I think the interior came together quite well and so I mainly agonized over the exterior – but by carrying the outside in, it made the decorating easier I think. I also didn’t have my mods on – so getting into the debug menus wasn’t so easy. Hence the less clutter.

This build is on the gallery now, under ra3rei, Yucca Adobe.

  • Lot name: Yucca Adobe (Oasis Springs)
  • Type: Residential; 40×30
  • 3br 2 bath
  • Cost: §144,459
  • Main Packs: Country Living, Snowy Escape, Eco Lifestyle, Discover University, Sulani, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, Get Together, Dream Home Decorator, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Tiny Living, Laundry Day,
  • Minor Packs: Get Famous (3), City Living (4), Get to work (1 door and decor), Batuu (1 kid’s room), Strangerville (1 kid’s room), Dine Out (2), Spa Day (2), Outdoor Retreat (pillar), Paranormal Stuff (dining chair), Nifty Knitting (knit box), Moschino (2 teen’s room), Toddler Stuff (toy chest), Bowling (bench), Backyard (4), Kids Room (4), Cool Kitchen (stove), Perfect Patio (fence), Industrial (3), Courtyard Oasis (2)

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