Okay -it’s more of a Never-Asked-Questions, but I never know, you might be wondering these things.

1. If you were a sim….

If I were a sim my 3-traits would be: Cheerful, Childish, Creative.

I do wear glasses, prefer bold or saturated colors, and have four dragon tattoos. (I should see about getting them into the game.)

My simself’s aspiration is currently “Writer” but if I had to pick another aspiration…Nerd Brain might as good. I am always hoping to acquire new facts and knowledge even if I don’t know what I’d do with them.

2. What’s with the yellow robot?

That’s Suzu. Suzu is short for Osusume which means “We Recommend.” She was my mascot for an anime-recommending website that I never built. (It was a subject-search so that if you said you wanted comedy, vampires, and high school it would suggest back Karin, Vampire Knight, etc.) But I liked her cheerful yellow nature and have since borrowed it to be my online avatar.

3. Raerei? How do you pronounce that?

It’s pronounced “Ray-ray” and it’s basically my nickname spelled two ways. Rae for the American spelling and Rei for the Japanese spelling. I spent three years in Japan and Rei was my legal signature while I was there.

4. Pigglewiggle? Where did you get that name?

You had a deprived childhood, didn’t you? Mrs. Pigglewiggle was an adorable series of children’s books starring one Mrs. Pigglewiggle, an awesome old lady who lived down the street and found creative ways to “cure” kids of common ailments – like refusing to go to bed on time, or taking only really tiny tiny bites of meals, or refusing to bathe. I picked the name because it was fun and memorable and Pinstar said to pick a last name you could live with for a long time.

5. Labels?

I’m a librarian by training so I adore labeling (grouping) things. The important thing is to remember that no one is a single label and it’s the way all the labels work together that give you an idea about the personality. A few labels that I think help others understand me are: INTP, Bookworm, Optimistic, Asexual, Aromantic, Midwesterner, Female, Nerd, 40-something, Night Owl, Armchair Philosopher.

6. Why do you write?

I’ve always written. My sister and I have been working on an elaborate fantasy world with 15 different races, three continents, and a myriad of stories since High School. Some day we may actually finish world building and get to writing. I have so many half-finished novels and quarter-finished ideas, but I’ve never managed to finished anything. (Note the “P” above in my Myers Briggs.)

So when I started reading Sims3 Legacy stories over on Carl’s Sims 3 website, I started writing them (badly).

7. Why aren’t you writing now?

I don’t know? Or rather I have theories, I think mainly becuase it got to feel like a full time job writing here and I hate it when my “fun” becomes “work”. About three years ago, the life I was leading that allowed me to write so much ended with a new house, new job, harder stories, and such- although those are reasons, not excuses. I guess it stopped to be a priority. I keep hoping I’ll start again – and usually can for about two weeks before I stop again. I do miss it, but not enough – yet.

8. How many books do you own?

I’m glad you asked. Over 2,000. 🙂 I refuse to own less than that. I probably own a couple hundred more give or take. And yes, I move often. I come from a family of book freaks. Check out my goodreads if you want to see what I read.

Your two cents,

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