Reading List

I’m going to use this more as a way to remember which stories to keep up with and where to dive back in. I figure it can’t hurt if you’re interested finding more stories as well.

Alphabetical List of Completed Stories

  • Discovery – on JulyVee’s Sims Stories
    • This is a room challenge-esk story where a young woman wakes up in a strange room that she cannot leave. Why is she there? Where did she come from? Find out.
  • Drifter Challenge House 001 (Video) by Vihisha Tak’Nai
    • The creator of the Drifter Challenge started her own challenge on video. I watched it half to see what someone else was doing, and half because it was a fun story with a wicked twist ending.
  • Dust to Dust – by CitizenErased14
    • We Live, We Love, We Die, but not always in that order. This is a solemn romantic story, but a little too solemn to be something I’d put in the romance section of a library. Drama yes.
  • Goofy Love Legacy – on Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology
    • A completed 10 generation legacy, humorous and deep. Follow the Bough family through the generations and learn a little more about what a sim can become.
  • Ikeda Legacy – on MeggSims
    • A completed 10 generation legacy, observation style, with a great sense of humor and lots of fun characters. Meggs is a great narrator.
  • Kiss of a Vampire by Jazen
    • What started off as an innocent 100 baby challenge swiftly changed into a gripping drama between Amari and the vampire who loved her.
  • Fangs for the Memories by LadyLobster
    • If you’re looking for hilarity, drama, vampires, butlers, and fairies. You could do far worse than Byron – wannabe comedian vampire celebrating his 300th unbirthday. At least that where it all started.
  • Lisa’s Insane Asylum Challenge – on LisabeeSims
    • Several iconic characters, Santa, Snow White, and Waldo – just to name few are committed to this asylum. I just love how the screenshots illuminate their character. Really fun.
  • Pruett Family Legacy – on Stories by Jes2G
    • 10 Generations of Pruetts, if you haven’t read this story, you’re in for a treat. Drama, sorrow, love, and lillies – this legacy has it all.
  • Rainbow Knights – by Rad
    • A TS3 speedy 10-gen 10 chapter Rainbow Uglacy. From Black to White and all colors in between. Super fun. I read it all in one sitting and couldn’t put it down.
  • Thirty Days at Three Rivers – on Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology
    • This is a collection of thirty moments in the life of a town. You see into the hearts, minds, and dreams of these folks. They struggle, they love, they win, and they lose. It might not be your tradtiional “story” but it’s worth reading what real life it really like.
  • Till Death Do we Part – on Rainygamz
    • The first completed Ambrosia Challenge. Amira is a ghost before her time and the Holt family choose to find a way to bring her back. This sweet story is continued in the Heart and Soul Legacy.
  • The Wonder Child – on Summerfalls’ Stories
    • An excellent wonder child challenge, I love how the characters and world grows. It starts off so happy and innocent and then turns quite dramatic.

Alphabetical List of Stories I’m Reading