Sims Mods and CC

This is a more limited list of the gameplay mods I play with. I have a love-hate relationship with cc – as I want to share my builds and cc makes them less finable.

Sims 4

Core Mods – Mods I would struggle to play without

  • Deaderpool’s MC Command Center with the woohoo module – Fixes culling and adds story progression and so much more! Check out my settings if you’re curious what this can do.
  • Moxiemason No Mosaic – um, yeah.
  • Plasticbox Cheat Shortcuts -It seems to break less often than the more popular UI cheats. Plus MCCC has a lot cheats now so I’m not entirely sure what I use from this, but I’m afraid to take it out and miss something.

Specialty Mods

  • Andrew Pose Pack and Andrew’s FX Player
  • Scumbumbo Sim Teleporter
  • Simmy the Sim’s Height Sliders – Currently not in my game due to some errors – the mod was never finished as far as I can tell, but my Huffman’s require it.
  • Little Miss Sam’s Mods – She has such a variety of game tweaks and I always check with her to see if she’s fixed some of the bugs EA introduces. Some of my fav mods:
    • Advanced Birth Certificate, Automatic Thermostat, Foster Families, Holiday Homes, More best friends, Do more when using earbuds, Wake Up overhaul, Train puppies, Ultrasound Scan, Wee working elevators.
  • Tmex’s Lifetime Skills (with no steal bladder) – allows kids to learn some sensible adult skills while they’re still kids. Maybe it’s cheating, maybe it’s realistic.
  • Cyclelegs Less Mourning – I had to install this for my 100 babies. Toddlers kept mourning their aunts and uncles that they never met for days.
  • Basemental’s Alcohol– not interested in the rest of his drug mods, but I do like the realism of getting drunk on juice.
  • Zero’s University mods that increase the cost and increase the need for degrees.
  • NoirSim’s Fanart map overrides – not actually affecting gameplay but it makes the maps so much prettier!
  • Brazen Lotus’s Plant overrides – I just put this in but I’ve not been able to see if it’s a keeper or not. But it looked so good.

Mods to Help with Screenshotting

Favorite CC Makers

When I find something I like I usually see what else they got and get it too…I prefer Maxis Match.

Sims 3 Mods

  • NoBuildSparkles
  • NoIntro
  • NRaas‘s decensor, master controller/cheats, and woohooer/scoring, portrait panel, mover, story progression, etc

Sims 2 Mods