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Drifter Overview

It started off with a single challenge, the Drifter Challenge by Vihisha. And then an Apartment Switch spin-off by IllusoryThrall. And then Pinstar’s alien adoption challenge and then it just spiraled out of control. Just what is what and how are they all connected? You could check out the Drifter Family tree although there will be spoilers as it’s up to date with my game, not necessarily my published stories.

Drifters Generations 1-3

The first three generations are picture book style of their lives.


Drifters Generation 4

With Taylor Drifter though, I was inspired and the Drifter world started to come to light.  Taylor kept a journal of her early life and her explorations into Sixam.


Drifters Generation 5

Taylor had twins and both of them got to build the house for gen 5. It was fun having two families in the same household.


It was here that the story starts to split. (Or rather I learned about the Switch challenge and really loved Aubrey’s little brother).

Drifters Generation 6

Aubrey Drifter and her best friend from high school were charged with building the mansion. (Again I got to have two families in one house.)


  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt1
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt2
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt3
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt4
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt5
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt6
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt7
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt8
  • Aubrey & Lorna Pt9

Phoenix Drifter, Aubrey’s little brother headed to San Myshuno to try the Switch challenge and fell for one of my favorite sims, Rez.


Drifters Generation 7

Blaze Jang was Lorna’s eldest son, but he’s not technically a Drifter. Instead, he accepted a young alien child to raise. In addition, Penelope Pigglewiggle (Gen 7 Pigglewiggle) has moved to my Drifter save.


Skye Drifter continues to family Drifter challenge in house 007 starting off with a bachelor challenge to find out who will be his spouse.


  1. House Party 1 (Introduction)
  2. House Party 2
  3. House Party 3
  4. House Party 4
  5. House Party 5
  6. Part 2 – To be continued

Feng Drifter, daughter of Phoenix and Rez will be continuing the Switch challenge 2.


  • To be continued

Feather Drifter, one of the late-life triplets from Phoenix and Rez has her own story exploring Selvadorada.


Drifters Generation 8

They’re coming too…