Other Stories

There are a lot of games that I’m playing, but only a few will end up with multiple posts.

Skyrim: Leona Secondborne (Story)

I’m doing a playthrough of Skyrim for the first time. Our reluctant Hero, Leona Secondborn, started off as simple hunter. One of many you’d find in the game, but over time she has become a hero, a dragonborne, a master archer, very sneaky and deadly.

Cities:Skylines (Updates)

AKiss4Luck was playing around on twitch with the map editor in the pre-release of this game and ended up naming the map Raerei Cove. It seemed fitting that I play it. Look for occasional updates as I slowly build up this resort island.

Minecraft (Updates)

While I don’t always have stories when I play minecraft, I do post here when I’ve got something interesting to show. My Takenoko server was taken down so there won’t be much more that I post on that world. But I joined a new server so I’m slowly starting all over again.

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