Raerei's Fortress

Stories from the inside of games…


Pigglewiggle Legacy Challenge (Story)

Using Pinstar’s Legacy rules, we follow the Pigglewiggle family as they strive to reach 10 generations.

Sidelines (Story)

My Let’s Play of the new Get to Work Expansion pack. Three Sims, three careers – we’re following each sim in rotation to see who can reach the top of their career first. Also related, Cocoa’s alien daughter, Penelope, goes to summer camp in our first cross-hard-drive crossover and brings back her best friend to visit for the rest of the summer.

Wonder Childe (Story – Complete)

Another Pinstar challenge, but much shorter than a legacy. The idea is to focus all your energy and attention onto the first born child. It’s all over when they reach young adulthood.

Derelict: Room Challenge (Story)

This challenges you to keep a single sim happy without leaving their “room.” Here we meet Amelia Echo who has been stranded on a ship, alone. Will she fall into madness and despair? How will she spend her endless days? Will she get rescued?

Short Story Writing Contest

Every month brings a new prompt and a new contest. The rules are simple, no more than 1500 words and 1-10 (later 1-12) pictures.


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