Ambrosia Challenge

Disclaimer: I shall always treat my characters with compassion no matter their flaws, but I’m going to hit some pretty tough topics in this story. Despite most of what I write here on this blog, life isn’t always a bed of roses and this story reflects that.

This challenge was invented by CitizenErased14 and you can read the story that inspired it on her blog: Dust to Dust. Curious about the challenge? Rules are below. The rules may contain story spoilers.  For my story, I have James Pigglewiggle (son of generation 2 Arthur Pigglewiggle and star of short story What Happens at Zero) as my child ghost. He haunts a house that generation 9 Hank Pigglewiggle bought and refurbished. This is their story:

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 46: Letting Go
  • Chapter 47: Falling
  • Chapter 48: Rock Bottom
  • Chapter 49: Precious
  • Chapter 50: On My Own

Challenge Rules

I’m following the “Beta” rules since the challenge is still being testing (me being one of the testers). Check out the thread for the most up to date rules, but to sum up what I’m playing with:

Objective: Create Ambrosia to resurrect the ghost haunting the house in as few generations as possible. Play on normal lifespan.

Make a ghost:

  • Make a YA Sim with any traits and aspiration
  • This sim MUST die before they reach the halfway point of Young Adulthood and before they have completed their aspiration
  • Leave their urn or grave on the lot

You’ll notice I’ve already broken a rule in that my ghost is a kid.

Start the Game:

  • Move another YA into the haunted house
  • Add the ghost to your family (using cheats)
  • Build a basement room with no entrance for the ghost to live in during the day

Gameplay Rules:

  • Only ONE sim (the heir) may work on the Ambrosia cure at a time
  • You may only work on ONE step of the Ambrosia cure at a time
  • The ghost cannot be seen by (or interact with) ANYONE but the heirs
  • Your heir MUST have a career and complete their lifetime aspiration before their death.
  • Your heir must have at least two friends who do not live in their household
  • No other ghosts are allowed on the lot
  • Your ghost may never leave the lot. They are bound to their grave
  • You may not use the wishing well to help in anyway

I’ve broken another rule – kid ghosts still have to go to school, but I’m going to try to keep him out of school as much as possible.

Playing Generation 0:

Your ghost is not allowed ANY interaction with the sim now living in their house. They may only enter the house area when the sim living in the house has gone to sleep. Your YA you moved in needs to get married and have at least one child.

The first heir:

During the heir’s childhood, they encounter the ghost who haunts their house. They must…

  1. Become BFFs with the ghost by the time they reach Young Adulthood. ALL future heirs must also become BFFs with the ghost as well!
  2. They also MUST have an encounter with the Grim Reaper at some point before their death. Grim will tell your sim how they can bring the ghost back to life.

Finding the Cure

Once the encounter with Grimmy has happened, your sim can begin the search for the ghost’s cure. There are three steps to complete this and you CANNOT begin the next step until a sim has completed the previous one.

Step 1. The Death Flower – COMPLETE

  • Your heir must travel to Granite Falls and meet the hermit who lives there (to get advice on how to grow the death flower).
  • Your sim must max both the gardening and herbalism skills before they can they begin cross-breeding the death flower.
  • This step is complete once you have successfully grown a Death Flower bush.

Step 2. The Angelfish

  • Your sim must max both the fishing and handiness skills before finding the angelfish
  • Any angelfish caught before these skills are maxed do not count, and must be sold).
  • Your sim must visit both secret fishing lots (in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek) before they catch the fish as well.
  • This step is complete once you have successfully caught an Angelfish (Store it in a fish bowl. It will not die)

3. The Youth Potion

  • Your sim must find (and plant) a cowplant berry.
  • Once the cowplant reaches maturity, you must sacrifice a sim to the cow plant by having them eat the cake TWICE (so that they die).
  • After the sim has been devoured, another sim may milk the cow plant. Once the “essence of life” is in their inventory, you may purchase the Youth Potion lifetime reward.

4. Make the Ambrosia

  • Your sim must max both the gourmet cooking skill and regular cooking skill before they can make the ambrosia for the ghost.

Life After Death:

With their life restored, the ghost sim must now live as fulfilling a life as possible. They must complete their lifetime aspiration and die of old age.

Scoring: Start with 1000 points.

  • -1 point every time your ghost sim is in the same room as an awake, non-heir (-4 points)
  • -2 points every time your ghost INTERACTS with a non-heir
  • -10 points for every career level away from 10 that your heir ended their life with
  • -20 points any time your heir’s relationship with an outside friend decays back to “acquaintance” level
  • +15 points if you are able to restore the relationship
  • -100 points for every generation it takes you to complete the challenge.

You fail the challenge if…

  • Any of your heirs dies without completing their lifetime Aspiration.
  • Any heir dies before producing an heir of their own.
  • Your resurrected ghost does not complete their lifetime Aspiration and/or does not die of old age.