Biblioteque ISBI

This is a relaxing game that I play when I missed toddlers and puppies and cars and sims 3 in general. It’s not a ‘proper’ story, but an ISBI challenge – er…with points only half-tallied. The most up-to-date family tree can be found at the Plum Tree site.

Generation 1 Clio Biblioteque

Clio arrived in the small town of Dragon Valley with very little to her name. She started working at the deli next door and soon met a very nice man named Michael. The two hit it off very quickly and started on the next Generation. Michael worked for the music company but he quickly aged up and retired to help take care of the kids. Clio has the fertile trait and with her and Michael’s compatibility and woohoo set to risky…

Kids: Melville, Rupert, Harold & Cynthia, Joseph, Shannon & Erika, Shirley & Rebecca.

Clio 1.1
Clio 1.2
Clio 1.3
Clio 1.4

Generation 2 Melville Biblioteque


Melville is the only kid (so far) who got an A in school. His adulthood aging up also coincided with Clio’s elderhood, so rather than come up with funky rules, I picked him as heir. He wanted to be a firefighter and I figured that was a great idea since I can control him at work. I also decided to check out University which I’ve never played before. (I proved to be very bad at University).

Kids: Basil, Fleur, & Sage. Also, Razta the puppy

Generation 3 Basil Biblioteque

Screenshot-157Basil was actually still in high school when Melville aged up to elder. I struggled for a couple in-game days trying to figure out when Basil will take over. Do I wait for him to become a YA? I didn’t. Let’s see how we do when our heir gets a chance to start early.

Basil 3.1 – Introducing Basil
Basil 3.2 – Basil’s Last Day
Basil 3.3 – Moving Day
Basil 3.4 – Purpose of University