Who’s Who – Life In Between

Samuel “Sam” is our gen 2 Huffman heir. He’s a sports therapist for the local football team. He inherited a small house on a huge plot of land in the prime real estate of the island to the south of the city. Although he has to commute to the city every day – he wouldn’t move for the world. This year he turns 50.


Karen fell for Sam long before he fell for her and she pursued him with a single-minded determination that surprised even this writer. She’s a journalist at the local paper and is a fierce protector of her children.


Elisa and Evelyn are twins. Elisa is more outgoing and she excelled at school with lots of friends. She went to college and got a degree in mineralogy. At 26, is a grad student at the City University and just returned from a year studying abroad.


The shyer of the two twins, Evelyn followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and fell in love with plants. She works at the City Conservatory and while she lives in the city now, she hopes to move back to the island soon.


At 24, Jasmine is about to finish culinary school. She would like to open a bakery someday. She has always looked up to her older sisters although they enjoyed teasing her when they were younger. She was a bit too trusting when it came to the tickle monster, but her imagination has never been questioned.


Paige cannot wait to graduate from high school this year, leave the island, and head off to college. She most admires her sister Elisa and is thinking about studying science or medicine. With all of Pippin’s health challenges and so many older sisters, she often feels overlooked by everyone.


Gen 3 heir. Pippin is a budding youTuber of very small fame and known most for playing competitive REFUGE. His channel is starting to take off and it is a career he plans to pursue. As a child, he underwent far too many surgeries and his health was always fragile, but he seems to finally be doing well.


Aunt Izzy (Sam’s sister), lives in the city with her teenage daughter, Carolyn and her new husband. She had a pretty exciting young adult life that I hope to write about someday. But now at 47, her life is pretty settled.


Carolyn and Izzy moved to the City during her senior year of high school. She wasn’t thrilled to lose all her friends from Willow Creek, but the city is starting to grow on her. At 19, she works at a boutique clothing shop down the street and lives with her mother and step-father.


Lane recently moved to the City from Isla Paradiso for a temporary job helping to finish building a new hotel. He’s not entirely sure what to think of this overly snowy land.

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  1. Hmmm… I think I must have missed some chapters. I believe Pippin was a child! Yikes. I love the Huffmans though so I’ll try catching up real soon!


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