Sideline: noun side·line \-ˌlīn\
A job that is done in addition to your main job

Sidelines is a spin-off save of my Pigglewiggle Legacy. It started when Get To Work came out and Cocoa, Nebula, and Nova left the safety of my legacy to explore the three careers of the pack. They’ve been exploring packs and collaborating with other writers ever since.

In Progress

Penelope and onezero are both wearing their chicken hats.
Two Blue Peas
Nova is wearing her detective outfit
Sugar & Spice


Normal "arrival" screenshot from the first moment you play the game. The three are lined up on the sidewalk.
Get to Work – 25 Chapters
07-14-15_9-26 PM
Spa Day
penelope travel
Animal Hat Summer Camp (Collab)
Cocoa (a ninja elite) empties the pumpkin
Spooky Stuff

Coming Soon

CAS of Nebula in a mauve button down shirt, dark wavy hair and a friendly smile.
Bachelorette Challenge