The Year of the Cat

I’m not a crazy cat lady….yet. But did you know there are tons of cat-focused games? Most of them under 10 dollars? Neither did I until now. I’m going to play them one by one.

How do I choose the games?

  1. Must be about a cat (or heavily feature a cat)
  2. It must be a game (I’m discluding jigsaw puzzles and matching games)
  3. Cost must be under 10$ US (all games from Steam unless otherwise noted)

Game Reviews

Future List

Title screen for Catlateral Damage game - a cat looking poised with a lot of clutter falling behind it.

Catlateral DamageBlog
First-Person Cat Simulator
You are a cat, your job is to knock everything off of the shelves as fast as you can.
$5.99 on June 2, 2016

The Purring Quest – Coming Soon
Side-scrolling adventure platformer
You are a cat wandering through the world. I already own this game. Review pending.


On My List

These are placeholders for games that I know about but for some reason or another, am not currently planning to review them.

Cat Lady
Psychological Horror Adventure
Not actually about a cat – but it’s about the lady. I’ll play it eventually.

Rain World
2D Puzzle Platformer
You are a nomadic slugcat. I WILL play this the moment it goes on sale because: NOMADIC SLUGCAT!!
$0.00 (on Sale – normally $19.99)